Heyy I'm getting a lot of comments to update! Yay! Thanks for reading it means a lot! And this chapter takes place while Yuki and Kyo are looking for Tohru. It will lead to what it left off as eventually ,but until then please enjoy Tohru's very short P.O.V!

Once I heard that Yuki and Kyo won I wanted to jump up and smile. I looked up and realized I wasn't where I was originally sitting. I was in a very dark room.  

"Hello?" I quietly muttered. Waiting for my eyes to adjust seemed like forever. I looked around the room for a bit, but got shocked when I saw the silhouette of a man. Oh no. He stepped closer to me and said,  

"I win. I always win."

The room suddenly lit up and as I looked around I realized I was surrounded, by guys and girls. They all looked alike. I slowly stepped back. Just as I was about to hit the

wall he quickly approached me and grabbed my chin in his large hand and said, 

"I've been waiting for this moment." He started leaning in towards me. My fear took over and I started screaming at the top of my lungs, hoping at Kyo and Yuki and locate me. I heard footsteps in the hallway and the door knob opening. Just as the door was going to unlock a girl with red eyes rushed over and grabbed the knob. 

"No!" I screamed loudly.  

He was closing in on me when all of a sudden the girl at the door went flying. Kyo and Yuki must have kicked the wall...together? Just as they entered the hole in the door the man pushed me to wall and I felt a sharp pain in my neck. Did he just...bite me? It felt as if my blood was draining out of my body and my body felt as if it was going numb. The last thing I saw before I blacked out was Yuki and Kyo shocked then I drifted into darkness.

"Tohru!" Kyo yelled as the man dropped her to the floor. Yuki kneeled next to her slowly and said,  

"Wait...your not human." 

"You really just realized that?" Maki stood up from where she landed when Yuki and Kyo kicked the hole in the door. 

"We are a clan of vampires that have been living in this house for more than 1,000 years! And now that we have your poor Tohru our prophecy will be complete and we shall rule the mortal world!" 

Maki put her hand on the man shoulder and said, 

"This is our leader, Fang." 

Kyo chuckled to himself and said, 

"Fang!? Really? Your a freaking vampire already! Why's your name Fang?" 

The man ignored him and said,  

"You may leave with her. I have no use for her anymore. Once she transforms into her true self she'll find her true home here with us." 

Kyo growled and said, 

"Yuki, lets pick her up." 

"How? Stupid cat, you need to think! We'll transform!" 

Kyo turned toward the lead vampire and asked,  

"Do you vampires turn into bats?" 

The leader nodded his head. 

"Tohru may not be a part of the zodiac, but she is now part animal so it may work." Kyo slowly made his way to Tohru and picked her up bridal style.

Kyo and Yuki climbed through the hole in the door and looked for an exit. The exit was surprisingly easy to find.

They weakly made their way back to the house. They casually entered. They looked horrible. Their clothes were ripped up and they were all dirty. When they entered it looked like the whole Sohma family was there. Shigure looked surprised as he said,  

"Kyo! Yuki! Tohru!"  

No one noticed the fang marks on Tohru's neck. He head was facing Kyo's chest and her hair was covering her face. Momiji stood up next to Shigure and said, 

"What's wrong with Tohru?" 

Kyo and Yuki stared at the ground and whispered, 

"It's to late." At the same time.  

Kyo slowly faced Tohru to everyone and showed them her neck.  

"She was bit by a lead vampire." Yuki stated. 

"She's also going to turn into a vampire and probably not remember any of us."  

Kyo said angrily.  

"Where were you guys kept?" 

Shigure asked. 

"In that old rickety house by the park." Yuki answered.  

Shigure turned toward Hatori and said,  

"I told you! I knew I could smell them there!"  

"Don't you think we should call her friends?" Hatori said.  

Shigure picked up the phone and dialed Hana's number.

Hana and Uo were sitting on the floor in Hana's room staring at the ceiling. They couldn't stop worrying about Tohru. They missed her a lot. They've been waiting for a phone call saying that she's back and ok but there's been no luck. Suddenly the phone rang and Uo raced to pick it up.  

"Hello?" She said. 

"Hello Uo, I have news." 

"Did you find Tohru?!" She screamed into the phone. 

"Yes. She's back,Yuki and Kyo showed up too." 

"Really! I'm coming over!"  

Uo slammed the phone down and raced out of the house.

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