Kidnapped 2- Where am I?

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I woke up to a dark room. "Yuki...Kyo...where am I?"
I mumbled quietly. I suddenly sat up. "Yuki! Kyo! Guys! Shigure! Any one! Where am I?"
I felt like a complete psycho yelling a loud. Had I been kidnapped--by a creeper!? I looked around and couldn't see or hear anything. Pitch black. I sighed loudly and started feeling the wall looking for a light switch or door knob. Eventually finding a door knob I turned it. Locked. It was pretty loose so I bet I could kick it. I kicked it with all of my strength. An the knob fell out. I slowly opened the creaky door. I saw light coming through a window. I approached it and tried to kick the window. It wouldn't shatter at all. Taking advantage of the light I looked at my uniform. Oh no! I looked down at my torn uniform. I only have one left now. I shouldn't care about this now. I need to find civilization. While walking down the dim hallway I looked around. The paint was rolling off and chipped the floor had huge holes in it and the ground creaked while I walked along tip toeing. I finally made it to a door. I put my ear to it and heard a voice. Without me noticing the door opened widely and I went tumbling in and crashed to the floor. The voice sounded like venom striking my insides.
"Hello Miss Honda, glad your awake and wandering." I turned to where the voice was coming from.
"W-who are you?"
Was the only thing I could say.

"Hmm? Miss Honda, I'm very very surprised you don't recognize my voice."
I paused thinking. Who could it be? I feel like I do remember ,but at the same time not.

***At the Sohma House at 10:30 AM***

Kyo was pacing the room wondering where Tohru would be. Yuki sat on the floor leaning against the wall wondering the same thing. Shigure was trying to act normal but was wondering where she was. Shigure entered the room and pushed Yuki and Kyo out of the house. He told them to go for a walk and try to relax. They both disagreed at once but in the end ended up going. They headed toward a trail not many people go to and walked passed a rickety old house that looked like it hadn't been occupied in decades.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

I stood up,straightened out my skirt and said,
"Why are you keeping me here?"
There was no response. Had he left? I was interrupted when he said,
"Go back to your"
I turned not wanting to talk anymore and headed back down the hallway hearing the door shut. I need to escape but for now I'll just go back to my room. .I had finally made it back to my room when I decided to look outside one more time before I had to head back into the darkness. As I stared out of the foggy window I noticed two very familiar people. Yuki and Kyo! Excitement filled me as I thought of them saving me from this kidnapper. I jumped up and started hitting the glass with all of my strength. It barely made a sound but I saw Kyo look over his shoulder. Thank goodness he had cat hearing.

"Did you hear that?" Kyo spoke quietly. "Hear what?" Yuki listened but heard nothing. "The banging! You damn rat! Stop staring at me like I'm crazy!" "You are." Yuki muttered under his breath. Kyo turned away and said, "Just go back. I'm staying here." Yuki started walking away and said, "stupid cat." Kyo walked toward the house, hearing the banging from the window. He knew that there was something on going on with this rickety old house but couldn't put two and two together. He saw an open window and climbed into it carefully without making a sound. He couldn't rest until he found out what that sound was. He walked through the hallways and casually opened the doors one by one. He eventually made it to the top floor and opened a door that had a missing knob. He jumped for a second when he saw the shadow of a girl sitting in the corner with her face buried in her knees. He stepped in closer and realized something. "Tohru?" He said quietly. "Is that you?" She looked over and said, "K-Kyo?" She jumped up and ran towards him. She jumped into his arms forgetting his curse. He poofed into his cat form and said, "Really Tohru? You get stolen?" She stared at him as he sat next to her and said "I'm sorry Kyo I hope I didn't cause any trouble to you and Shigure and Yuki! I feel so bad! It's my fault I got stolen." Tohru started lightly crying. Kyo was shocked. He hated seeing her cry. He hated how hard he could be to her, but right now the only thing to do is try to comfort her. Kyo -in cat form- climbed and sat into her lap trying to hug her as best as he could. Comforting someone was new to him so it was a work in progress. Tohru wrapped her arm around Kyo and thanked him. Thoughts started filling her mind as she started at Kyo. " are we going to leave? This place is secured. I've tried a couple times already. Everything is locked." "Tohru, we'll just go through the way I came in!" He stated. Tohru started nodding but screamed and suddenly turned around when she realized that Kyo had turned back and he had no clothes on. She quickly handed him his clothes and waited in the hallway for him. He came out dressed and they headed down of the hallway. They made it to the end where the window Kyo supposedly climbed into was. He started looking around and said, "damn! Where's the window! It was here and fully open. The window was here! It was!" "Don't worry Kyo! I believe you..." Tohru felt bad. Now Kyo is stuck here with her.



"Can we find a way out of here now? I'm getting really scared..."

"Don't worry...I it."

*Sohma House*

*8:00 PM*

Shigure opened the door as Hatori and Momiji walked in. "I see Tohru is still missing." Hatori pointed out. "And now Kyo's gone." Shigure added. "I knew Kyo had the hots for her! He probably ran away with her!" Momiji said while laughing. Yuki stood up and shook his head slightly. He looked up and said, "something's definitely wrong. Are you sure that stupid cat is not on the roof sulking?"

A/N: Hey! I haven't finished the Fruba mangas but my friend told me that AKITO IS A FREAKING WOMEN! like WTH man! A women! He looks like a man. My friend told me at lunch and I feel scared for life. Lolololol so now I have something. To look forward to when I make it to that book.... ;^| I've only read 1-9 but kno what happens.... Akitos so...mannish my BFF told me how she found out. The library has a Fruba 1-9 and 16-17 she was flipping through either 16-17 and found Akito supposedly making out w/ a dude. She told me for 40 pages she felt awkward. Until she found out about his womenness. I'm mind blown. *mind explodes*

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