A/N: OMG GUYS LIEK HELP MEH. I saw some fan art on LevixEren from Attack on Titan and I think I ship it. I still ship Eren and Mikasa. I have the biggest urge to make an attack on Titan fanfic soooo bad. thoughts? this chapter is a foreshadowing event.

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A somewhat young women sat in a rocker with a 2 week old baby in her arms. The baby was so distant knowing that the heat he was getting wasn't from his real mother. The baby cooed happily and the women smiled. Suddenly the front door opened and a young man stepped into the house. They had just started a young family and want everything to go as planned.

The man kissed the women's forehead and smiled at the baby.

The women spoke sadly,

"It's so sad to see that she's missing the first months of her babies life. I feel awful."

The man nodded,

"She would want this. All she wants is for him to be happy with us."

"He is also devastated. She's gone and I'm guessing this adorable baby boy brings back to many memories of them being together."

The man sighed,

"I hate not having a name for him."

The women giggled and looked at the baby.

"Don't tell me you named him..." He said nervously.

The women smiled a wide smile, "When it's just us I like to call him Xander."

The man was surprised by this name and actually liked it a lot.

"Xander..." He liked the way it fit in his mouth. It sounded perfect.

Things suddenly became serious.

"Will we ever have children of our own?"

"I don't know...our...abilities are so powerful. Imagine how powerful our children would be."


Yuki's eyes suddenly flashed open. He sat up and ran a hard through his hair while thinking of the events in his dream.

Who were those people? Why did they have a baby?

Yuki was lost and super confused. It was the night of the deaths of Kenta and Hayate and he lied in his bed awake.

Tohru sat in the next room trying to think of ways to get Mary. Maki came to Yuki's mind and he thought nervously, I should tell her soon.

Tohru on the other hand peeled the blanket off of her body. The heat under it was making her sweat and her nerves didn't help at all.

Her feet hit the cold floor and she tip toed to Yuki's room.

When she opened the door she saw him sitting up staring at the door.

"You can't sleep either, huh." Yuki said with a small smile.

"Yea I have too much in my mind."


Tohru and Yuki stared at each other awkwardly.

"I wish Maki was here. I'm really sorry for bothering


Tohru said her cheeks turning red from embarrassment.

Yuki smiled,

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