"Miss Honda?" Yuki walked into the kitchen slowly as Tohru cooked breakfast with Kyo sitting on the floor watching her.

"Yea, Yuki?"

"Can we go to our secret base today?"

"Our?" Tohru looked confused.

"Yea! Our base!"

She smiled. "Okay! I'd like that!"


After a normal breakfast Yuki and Tohru set out for the 'secret base.' Once they arrived they got to work not knowing who was watching.

"I see Tohru, Fang!"

Maki sat in a tree watching there every move.

Fang turned and around and stared at his bride to be.

"Wow, look at my beautiful wife."

Maki groaned.


Maki explained.

"I think Yuki is trying to kiss her!"



"Yea ,Yuki? What's wrong?"

Yuki calmly sighed and spoke.

"It's...about..Kyo. He's fallen in love with you."

Tohru slightly blushed, but didn't believe him.

"He's not the only one." Yuki said.

He scratched the back of his neck as he had a sudden interest to the ground.

"You're lying." Tohru would never believed that two guys would love her...two?

"I wouldn't be lying if I did this-please forgive me...."

He pulled Tohru in and kissed her lightly.

When he pulled away she was in total shock.

"Happy Birthday." He whispered flirtatiously.

Fang growled loudly.

Loud enough for Yuki and Tohru to hear.

They looked in the direction it was coming

from when in a millisecond Maki pushed Fang and herself into the nearby bush.

"Shut up!" Maki shout-whispered to him.

"Who's there?" Tohru yelled.

"No one!" A deep voice answered from a bush.

"Come out here now!" She yelled.

Fang appeared with Maki by his side.

"Stupid, Fang!" Maki yelled as she angrily hit him in the back of his head.

"Hello." Fang said awkwardly.

Tohru didn't know what too say, so she waved.

Fang turned to Yuki and asked, "Why were you kissing my wife?"

Yuki let out a small laugh and said, "Your wife? You make me laugh, and believe me, I rarely do that."

"It looks like you're trying to pick a fight." Fang yelled loudly.

"Maybe I am." Yuki answered with an attitude.

"Fine, game on!"

Fang threw himself at Yuki and pushed him toward a tree by the base. Yuki hit the tree with an 'oomf' and was breath less. Fang turned his back to walk away when all of a sudden Yuki sprang on Fang's back and knocked him to the ground forcefully.

"STOP! STOP IT GUYS! DON'T FIGHT! PLEASE!" Tohru tried getting them to stop, but nothing worked.

Fang and Yuki were facing each other slowly moving in circles when Fang suddenly pulled out a very large, very sharp knife. He was aiming it to Yuki's stomach when all of a sudden Tohru jumped into the middle and the knife plunged into her stomach.

She fell to the ground yelping in pain.

"Look what you did!" Yuki yelled. "You just stabbed your so called 'wife'!"

Fang's face struck with fear. Yuki turned around for a second and when he turned back around Fang and Maki were no where in sight.


"We're home." Yuki yelled into the house.

"SUPRISE!" About ten, give or take a few, jumped out of hiding places.

Yuki had a long walk with Tohru in his arms. He was not looking forward to going home to the surprise party he and Kyo planned. 

"What happened?" Kyo asked nervously.

Yuki knew it was one word and it was, "Fang"

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