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Unspoken by zerolover713
Unspokenby zerolover713
Yuki has always been haunted by the same girl for years. The one who stood and watched, the one who didn't speak out. He hated her. But what happens when that same exact...
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Obsession ( Yandere-ish! Yuki Sohma x Reader ) Fruits Baskets  by ChloeGonzales9
Obsession ( Yandere-ish! Yuki Chibubunny
When a young girl gains a stalker , Prince Yuki Sohma, her world gets turned upside down for the worst. No one believes her. What's a girl to do? ( This story doesn't be...
  • yukisohma
  • obsession
  • stalker
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The Missing Zodiac [A Fruits Basket FanFiction] by MoonstoneAlchemist
The Missing Zodiac [A Fruits Moonstone Alchemist
The guinea pig started to dance but then the zodiac animals made fun of it, calling it rude names, making fun of it's dancing. The guniea pig was so sad it didn't want t...
  • hatori
  • tohru
  • akito
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Of Fairies and Hosts, Demons and Spirits by Iliketowatchanime
Of Fairies and Hosts, Demons and BrownEyedBambie
Hoshi Sohma is a girl that nobody in the guild really knows a lot about, including her surname and magic, she's secretive, more so than Mystogan himself, including the f...
  • happy
  • sohmacurse
  • yukisohma
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Stars || Fruits Basket  by byenixer
Stars || Fruits Basket by louis ☻
Where's my mind? I don't mind Yuzuki Yamamoto a lazy butt head trying to live with the Soma's normally, or that was she thought until all the boys she had encountered li...
  • variousxoc
  • reverseharem
  • crossover
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Damaged Beyond Repair [Fruits Basket] by XxScarletMaidenxX
Damaged Beyond Repair [Fruits Ashley
Another story coming back from my old account... slow updates.... hey look I actually did ...kind of... write a description/intro for this one haha Quick Memo: In the ma...
  • manga
  • wolf
  • shigure
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Not Again (A Fruits Basket/Ouran HSHC Crossover FanFiction) by Fullmetal_Exorcist
Not Again (A Fruits Basket/Ouran Fullmetal Exorcist
It actually happened. The big Sohma family secret got out. And not just to a group of kids this time, to the ENTIRE school. Hatori erased their memories but Akito though...
  • momiji
  • mori
  • hikaru
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Fruits Basket Boys x Reader by PandaHeroJacey
Fruits Basket Boys x Readerby セン *.
  • fruitsbasket
  • newbook
  • anime
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Fruits basket x reader!  by Nattaya21
Fruits basket x reader! by Nattaya21
This is a fruits basket one shot addition. It is going to be some random some cute no lemon but some fluff. for the characters that are usually mostly written as a form...
  • fruitsbasket
  • random
  • cute
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Fruits Basket One Shots by shelbyhoffman
Fruits Basket One Shotsby shelby
Some cute little scenarios I made up. I hope you enjoy. Maybe heart or whatever, comment, follow. All up to you ^///^
  • fruitsbasket
  • kyosohma
  • yukisohma
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My little sister (Shigure's lil' sis) by maemae0618
My little sister (Shigure's lil' Mae_be_Nerdy
This is something...? If someone could DM me and refresh my mind that would be great and I will begin editing and writing more for it.
  • fanfiction
  • fruitsbasket
Hidden (Fruits basket x reader) by hersie44
Hidden (Fruits basket x reader)by hersie44
(Y/N) Izumi... a girl that was hidden deep in the forest by her father, he believed she was too precious to be tainted by the outside world so he kept her under lock and...
  • yuki
  • soma
  • kyo
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The Pessimist. [Fruitbasket x Reader] by ToskaIka
The Pessimist. [Fruitbasket x —이카
"HEY! Why the fuck do you always act like your invisible? Do you have a social conflict or what?!" "No,actually...Society has a problem with me." ...
  • angst
  • anime
  • fb
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Fruits Basket Friends Return (Yuki x reader) by Temarifan08
Fruits Basket Friends Return ( Rose Kirkland(younger sister...
When you and your friend Claire travel to a lake house, what will you find. Claire introduces you to some of her Sohma friends but wait until she realizes you already kn...
  • fruitsbasket
  • yuki
  • anime
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Under a Cherry Tree A Fruits Basket FF *Kyo x Tohru* BOOK 1 (COMPLETED) by LeveledUpLove
Under a Cherry Tree A Fruits Madison
This FanFic takes place after the anime. NO SMUT but there will be the occasional curse word but if you guys would like I can lessen the curse words and use alternatives...
  • chinesezodiac
  • highschool
  • fanfiction
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Anime One Shots (Request Closed) by InvisibleNobody10
Anime One Shots (Request Closed)by InvisibleNobody10
Anime one-shots (that I barely update) ? Attack On Titan- 3 Black Butler- 7 Bleach- 6 Deadman Wonderland- 2 Fruits Basket- 4 Fullmetal Alchem...
  • blackbutler
  • noragomi
  • anime
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forgoten panda (fruits basket) by maemae0618
forgoten panda (fruits basket)by Mae_be_Nerdy
there was a panda in the zodiac story but the monkey beat her,and left her to die,she was soon found bye tue Cat,Rat,Dog,and finaly the Tiger. They cared for her,and God...
  • fruitsbasket
  • fruitsbasketlovestory
  • kyolovestory
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Forever Yuki's by Widow_Love
Forever Yuki'sby Kawaii Books >.<
When Tohru's younger sister [Brooklyn] comes to visit from America the whole household seems to be thrown off. Yet Brooklyn does not make the zodiac members transform w...
  • chobits
  • fruitsbasket
  • yuki
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Akito sohma x reader  by Lonesomecobra
Akito sohma x reader by Lonesomecobra
I don't see many Akito x readers Or I do but they have been abandoned So I wanted to write one for fun Also a friend wanted me to write something with Akito Btw Akito...
  • akitosohma
  • anime
  • fruitsbasket
Chance Encounter ( Yuki Sohma x reader) by Okami_MC
Chance Encounter ( Yuki Sohma x Okami_MC
My first fanfiction. Also dedicated to my best friend. I don't publish using a schedule, I just do it whenever so I'm not saying a specific day that I publish. Hope you...
  • yukisohma
  • xreader
  • fanfiction
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