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"Mary.." Hayate pushed Shigure's hand that covered his mouth away.

"It's time I accept I joined the wrong side and face the punishment."

Hayate faced Mary with tears streaming down his cheeks he wanted his last few minutes alive to be true to himself and to not hide what he really felt.

Mary was amused, and somehow controlled every body movement Hayate had to lead him outside.

Kyo and Shigure stood peeking out of the little window. They knew that helping would do nothing.

Mary was able to have the strength in her mind to slam Hayate against a tree. The force sent a shock down his spine, hearing a crack and noticing the blood drip down his pale face.

Mary giggled,
"I would kill you now with my strength, because lets be real I'm so powerful right now. I'd rather just kill you with my hands."


"Yuki wait."
Maki called after Yuki.

Yuki faced her and shook his head. His light gray hair covering his eyes.

"It's nothing Maki..I promise."

Maki was annoyed by Yuki,
"I don't care if you promise me or not. You will be stuck with me for the rest of eternity."

{Heehee that rhymed..^u^}

"Stop. Seriously I thought I wouldn't have anymore time in life to say it. I'm not ready. Please just respect that and wait."

Yuki continued walking silently, he stopped in his tracks when he felt Maki's somewhat warmer hand grasping his cold newly undead hand.

"I'm sorry I really am. I'm a curious person and sometimes I get ahead of myself..."

"It's fine."

Maki suddenly shushed Yuki by putting a finger to her lips.

"Look Yuki,"
She whispered guiding his main focus to Kenta and Tohru sitting by the secret base.

Yuki's eyes widened at the sight of them together, but he was mostly shocked about his poor base.

"I worked so hard on this and it looks like crap now."

Tohru and Kenta jumped at Yuki's sudden remark. They had no idea he was near.

"I'm so sorry Yuki..."

Yuki smiled crookedly,
"No, I'm sorry."

Just as they were somewhat making up they heard a screech in the distance. Kenta quickly stood up and brushed off his pants. The scream was a male and it sounded like a young male.

Kenta screamed as he ran down the path to the house.

•*Dramaticness will occur*•

Kenta ran into the clearing of the small lawn to see Hayate on his knees. His eyes were open wide and a dark figure stood behind him cackling loudly. The voice murmured, "There's no escape...once you sign with me you die."

Hayate was coughing and choking up blood, while Kenta screamed.

Mary sliced Hayate until his body was covered in deep wounds causing severe bleeding that would most likely lead to death.

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