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Tohru felt weird having her brother that she never knew in her room. He had a strange look in his eyes that made Tohru curious at what he was thinking.

Kenta's POV

I like this place so far, everyone's awkward, but I should be able to change that. Espically with Tohru, that Kyo thinks he can keep and eye on me! What could I possibly do to Tohru? I mean I'm only 13. Kyo thinks he's smart. Tohru is pretty, I'm surprised one of these guys hasn't gotten her yet.


A normal week had gone by. It was now Kenta's 14th birthday.


"Happy Birthday!" Tohru hugged her little brother.

He laughed,
"Thanks, Tohru. Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, anything!"

"Did you get me a gift?"

"Umm, I was planning on taking you to the store and letting you choose something you wanted!"

"So you didn't get me anything?"

"Technically, no." Tohru stared at the ground.



"I already have my gift planned out!"

"You do?"


"What do you want?"

"A kiss."

"Umm, sure." Tohru leaned over and gently gave her younger brother a kiss on the cheek.

"Good?" She asked.

"Nope! Not there!" He pointed to her lips, "There!"

Tohru blushed, "Wha?"


"Fine." Tohru sighed and stared at the ground.

"First, you can't kiss someone like that!" Kenta lifted her chin up gently with his fingers.

He guided his lips to hers. Just as they were about to kiss the door swung open. Yuki and Kyo were in the door way.

Kyo started talking,
"Rise and- WHAT THE HELL?"

Tohru jumped back and hit the wall.

"What was that?" Yuki said as he helped Tohru up.

Kenta stretched normally, "Nothing, just a good morning/happy birthday kiss."

"Kenta, do now seduce your sister! I'm pretty sure kissing your sister is wrong." Yuki said sternly.

"Sorry..." Kenta pouted.

Kyo mumbled under his breath. Everyone ignored his mumble full of anger. Kyo wanted to know why this boy was so close to Tohru.

Tohru ruffled Kenta's hair,
"School starts soon! Maybe we can go to the shopping area and get some clothes!" Tohru said happily.

"Sure!" Kenta seemed happy.

"Great! How about we go tomorrow?"


Tohru felt an urge inside of her. Tohru wondered what her brothers blood tastes like. She shook that thought out of her head, and started cutting the cake. Her urge grew stronger and stronger.

"Umm, Tohru?" Kyo said.

"Yea, Kyo?"

"Can I talk to you in private?"


Tohru and Kyo went to the roof.

"What's wrong, Kyo?"

Kyo laughed.
"Tohru, I can literally see your fangs sticking right out of your mouth! Are you that blood thirsty?"

Tohru blushed.
"What about you? When are you gonna get the urge to bite someone?"

Kyo turned away.
"I already did."

"What'd you do?"

"I...bit someone."

Tohru's face grew serious.


Tohru put her hand to her mouth.
"Did she know it was you?"

Kyo shook his head.
"I did when it was pitch black outside."

"Did you make sure to bite her the right way?"

"Yea. I just can't believe that I did that."

-Fang's Mansion- Fang and Maki's conversation.

"So, Kyo's a vampire now. Fang, you screwed it up even more." Maki knew that Fang could've approached her different, none of the would've happened.

"Shut up, Maki. I busy trying to figure out how to kill him off, once and for all!"

"Why didn't you just marry one of the girls that was, I don't know, ALREADY A VAMPIRE?!"

Fang sighed, Maki, he took her hands,
"Should've married you."

Maki blushed, almost everyone knew that Maki had a huge crush on Fang, even Fang himself knew.

Fang laughed,

"Listen, Fang, I don't care who you are, you're a jerk."

"Where are you going?"

"I'm changing sides. GoodBye, Fang."

Maki decided to leave Fang. He didn't respect her at all. She ended up going to Shigure's house.

She knocked.

Tohru answered,
"Hello? Oh, Hi Maki, can I help you?"

"Tohru, can I join your side, Fang is no good."

Tohru smiled,
"Of course you can! Come inside!"

Maki awkwardly slipped her shoes off and followed Tohru everywhere.

Kyo walked into the kitchen to see Maki and Tohru, laughing and talking.

"What the hell? Why is she here?" Kyo exclaimed loudly.

"She's joined us, and left Fang."

"Really?" Kyo asked facing Maki.

Maki nodded.

Kyo was surprised.

Kyo didn't know if he could trust Maki.

"Maki, I'm going shopping with my brother to get a few things, wanna come along?


Kenta, Maki and Tohru set out to go shopping. Kenta was disappointed that it wasn't Tohru and himself anymore. He still occasionally tried to grab Tohru's hand.

While walking Maki walked into a guy,
She looked at him and gasped.

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