Bunk talks.

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////Time skip///or else this book ain't going anywhere. Sorry we haven't done many Calum POVS. It's just harder to write for reason.

The past month has been great honestly. Evelyn is still on tour, even though she wasnt supposed to be. But, Luke asked her to be his girlfriend and she happily excepted. Which is why she's still on tour. They both seem so happy together. And honestly they're so adorable.

Evelyn is practically my best friend now. She's so sweet, pretty, and brave, I don't get how anyone couldn't like her. We've gotten pretty close.

The fans seem to like her as well. They draw fan art for her for goodness sake. They haven't come out to the fans yet about their relationship, but it's a bit obvious.

Calum and I are official with the fans. Our manager didn't exactly like that idea, but nothing super bad has happened. Obviously I've gotten hate, but even so has Calum.

Calum and I are still together. We've had a few fights and arguments, nothing to break us up thankfully. And honestly I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend. He's the complete opposite of Evan. When he gets angry he Calms himself down and then checks on me. No matter what. He's been supporting me through everything, including my album.

My albums' being released in two days if you don't count today. I couldn't be happier. I even have a music video coming up soon. I now have 2 million fans on Instagram. I couldnt be happier about them all either. My fans are loyal, and always support me. They're great. And I tell them that all the time. I've met so many famous people I can't even describe how lucky I am. I even still talk to Niall once and a while.

As for Ashton and Michael, they are still single, but from what I know, are just as happy. Ashton is giggly as ever and actually pretty protective of Evelyn and I. Same with Michael. If some fans or something get a hold of us they are both the first ones to get us away. I can probably do it myself but I don't really bother.

And all together, we're all best friends. Practically family. We've traveled across the globe together and now we're on the way home for a few months. Tour ends in the end of April. I'm beyond upset, yet I'm ready for what's to come. Of course I don't know what's gonna come, I didn't know I would be on tour either, and now I have five new best friends I'll remember forever.

"De, did you hear?" I heard Michael ask and all my thoughts were erased.

"Sorry no." I said blushing and looking down.

"Do you wanna go back to the bus?" He asked and I nodded.

Calum took my hand and we began the walk to the bus.

"You did great tonight." I said causing him to blush and smile.

"You did better." He said grinning cheekily, causing me to roll my eyes.

"How about a movie?" Evelyn suggested as we entered the bus.

"I'm in." I said and everyone else agreed.

"Good idea." Luke said kissing her on the cheek, causing her to blush.

I sat down beside Calum who gave me a small smile and looked back at the tv commercials almost immediately.

I gave Michael a questioning look, only to have him shrug.

As the movie went on Calum, Michael and myself were the only ones awake.

Besides him grabbing my hand 15 minutes in or so, he hadn't done anything.

Usually we would have our own conversations during the movie. Or something. I started to wonder if he was upset with me.

What did I do wrong?

I pushed the thought out of my head and put my focus to the movie.

Once it ended we all headed back to the bunk room, leaving everyone else passed out on the couch, or on the floor.

Without saying anything we all changed to our pajamas and climbed Into the bunk, leaving me to think about all the things I could have done wrong.

Was it cause I rolled my eyes?

Did I look at a guy fan weird?

Was it because I talked to Michael?

No. He lets me talk to whoever I want.

What is it?!

I looked as the curtain opened and I heard a grunt before Calum hopped into my bunk and laid down beside me.

We do this a lot actually. He just climbs in with me, sometimes we talk, others we don't.

"I'm sorry I was being weird after the show tonight." He said.

"It's alright." I replied quietly.

He put his arms around me and pulled me to his chest, as I felt his stomach move in and out.

"Calum?" I started.


"Why?" I asked shortly.

"I just thought of something and it kind of put me in a bad mood." He said, his chest vibrating as he spoke.

"You can tell me." I said softly.

"What's gonna happen when the tour ends?" He asked and my breath hitches quickly before it returned to normal.

"I don't really know, Calum."

"Maybe I could move to Ohio, you know, where you live." He suggested.

(A/n idk where we said she lives so Ohio it is.)

"No, that's not fair, then you won't get to see your family." I said shaking my head.

"I'm old enough I should be able to move out." He said sounding a bit annoyed.

"I know, and I didn't say you were. Look, how about we just figure this out later. Well stay together no matter what." I said soothingly.

"Do you promise?" He said his hot air warming my ear.

"I promise." I said.

I just hope that promise won't break.


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