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The past week has been confusing. There was that little drama fest a few days ago, then the apology the next day.

The fan I had met that night, came back the next day for the second show, and was brought back once again so we could talk. I ended up giving her my number, after she promised not to expose it. She promised she wouldn't and we have been texting ever since.

Twitter and Instagram were confused. They kinda knew something was up with Calum and I. We had made up, but we didn't really spend alone own together anymore. My thoughts were snapped when someone came in the bunk room,

"Hey de. The party is at 8:00 it's 3:00 so if you want to get ready, we'll be going out before and leaving at 5:00 to go explore town before hand." Luke said smiling and grabbing some clothes.

"Okay thank you Luke." I said as I got up from where I was napping. I grabbed a cream colored dress that went to mid thigh, and a leather jacket, with black heels. I got a shower and started to change. Once I finished I started on my makeup.

The party tonight was Gonna be pretty big, lots of celebrities or rich people, I had actually gotten invited.

I started with coverup, then went with contouring, and highlighting, then a winged eyeliner, added some fake eye-lashes, mascara, and some lipstick. By the time I was done it was 4:30 and the boys were already with the exception of Ashton who was waiting for me.

I felt Calums stare and I looked up to meet his eyes.

"Y-you look great d-de." He said. The boys snickered and I even heard Ashton laugh from the bathroom.
What was that about.

"Thanks, you look good yourself." I said looking down to hide my now-colored cheeks.

Ashton got down and we went into town.
We went to a cafe, and then some shops. I looked at my phone for the time,

"Guys, it's already 8:00 we should get going." I said.

They nodded and we started walking to the van before all getting in. Once we arrived Ashton got out of the driver seat, Luke followed, then Michael, then Calum stated to get out. He got out and waited by the door for me to steps out, he grabbed my hand as we made our way through the paparazzi who was swarming us.

They took pictures, videos, asked questions, you name it. I kept a hold of Calums hand squeezing tighter, and he pulled us harder through the crowd and into the door.

Music was blaring, and you could smell the alcohol, but it wasn't like any of the high school parties I had been to. There was surprisingly less people grinding and less people sucking faces.

I guess part of it was all the paparazzi around but it still shocked me.

The boys and I all made our way through the crowds of dancing people, with Calums hand holding mine.

They introduced me to some people and I ended up meeting some pretty awesome people.

"Hey there. You lonely?" A girl around my age or older asked me.

"Um sort of, the person I was with left." I said. Calum said he would go get a drink and talk to some people but it had been almost an hour.

"I see. Your Delilah right?" She asked smiling.

"Yup that's me. And what's your name?" I asked shyly.

She giggled. "I'm kaitlyn." She said.

"I'm a friend of One direction." She said.

"Nice to meet you kaitlyn. And really? That's awesome, how did you meet them?" I asked.

"I met them at my friends party a few years back." Kaitlyn stated.

"That's awesome." I said.

"Yeah. They're pretty awesome guys I've known them for 4 years. Would you wanna meet them?" She asked and my eyes widened.

"I-uh I'm okay, I wouldn't want to be a bother, their probably busy." I said, I wasn't expecting to meet anyone really famous tonight.

"Don't be silly. They'd love to meet some new people." She said as she grabbed my hand.

She pulled me through the crowds until I spotted 4 guys talking to some people.

"Hey guys! This is Delilah." She said as we walked up to them.

"Ah the famous Delilah." Harry said coming up to me. He gave me a hug as well as the other three of them.

We talked for a while, chatting, and getting to know each other.

"Do you talk to the boys a lot?" I asked referring to Michael, Luke, Ashton, and Calum.

"Not a lot like we used to, but we do sometimes. Calum talks about you a lot actually." Niall said winking.

"O-oh." I said. Did he really talk about Me?

"All good things of course." He stated his accent coming through more.

We talked for a while till I felt a hand on my back.

I turned around and Calm was behind me.

"I see you've met the boys." He said.

"Yeah." I said smiling.

The six of us kept talking, seeing as kaitlyn had left and whenever Niall would talk to me Calums grip got tighter and I was pulled closer. I was confused but shook it off.

"Your pretty cool, would you wanna trade numbers? So we could keep in touch and all.." Niall said smiling nervously.

"I'd love to." I said giggling and handing him my phone, as he gave me his.

"I told Kaitlyn I would talk to her before I leave, so I'm gonna go, it was great meeting you guys!" I said. They all went in for a hug and Calum didn't let go of my arm. I shook him off giving a warning glare, and hugged the four boys before leaving.

I met up with Kaitlyn and we exchanged numbers as well before she went to get a drink and talk to an old friend.

"Wanna dance?" Calum asked.

"N-no, I don't dance." I said.

"Cmon De. Live a little." He said pleading with his chocolate eyes.

I grumbled, then he took my hand for like the tenth time tonight, and led me to the dance. We danced and talked for a while, while listening to the vibrations of the music.

Michael came up to us after a while,

"It's getting pretty late!," he yelled.
"We should probably go!" He said. Calum took my hand once more and we found Ashton and Luke then said goodbyes, as we left.

We were on our way heading to where the van was parked, but it was parked about three blocks away, because of traffic. The paparazzi Swarmed us and the boys went in front, leaving me and Calum in back, I put my hand up to my face and looked down as we made our way through. Covering my eyes like I would the sun.

We managed to make it back to the van and our driver took off. We arrived at the bus and took off my makeup and changed into shorts and a tank top.

"I'm going to bed, I'm pretty tired." I said. They all agreed to and we all went to bed.

My thoughts as I was trying to sleep were filled with Calum, as usual... Why was he so touchy tonight with Niall? He barely let me grab the phone to trade numbers. And even in the party. There really weren't that many paparazzi, why did he have a hold of my hand the whole Time? I wasn't complaining, it made me feel safe, but I was wondering.

I fell asleep yet once again, thinking of the dark brown haired boy, with the dark eyes I get lost in.


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