Concert time..

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Calums POV

The four of us spent our Monday lounging around on the bus, while Delilah slept. She wasn't used to the jetlag yet and it hit her pretty hard.

She only woke up once to eat and then she went back to sleep. It was getting pretty late so I decided I'd go to bed.
I changed into some shorts and a loose tank top and headed to where the bunks were, sliding the door behind me.
I climbed on my top bunk and looked over at Delilah. She looked so peaceful, just silently sleeping. I noticed how she slept.

Just like she always does. Her laying on her stomach and one leg straight the other spread out. With her face, facing me. Her lips were opened slightly,and I could hear her steady breathing. I stopped looking when I realized that it must have been creepy looking at her.. I just couldn't help it though.. I didn't like her in that way considering I had just met her. But she was different, in a good way of course. She didn't care what people thought of her, and for what i had seen she was happy all the time, she kind of reminded me of the sun, always brightening people's days. Especially the boys and I.

Soon I found myself falling asleep thinking about the girl lying across from me, peacefully sleepy with out a worry in the world.

"GET THE FÛĆK UP OR WERE GONNA BE LATE FOR SOUNDCHECK!!" Ashton yelled. I opened my eyes and looked at Delilah. She had her hands covering her ears and her eyes were squeezed shut.

Michael noticed too and gave Ashton a scolding stare, whispering to get out. Luke left as well and Ashton left. I hopped out of bed as Michael and I approached where Delilah was. Michael touched her knee and she flinched but didn't open her eyes. "Don't make us come up there, we will!" Michael warned. She grunted and turned over so we couldn't see her face.

We looked at each other and climbed on her bed, which was quite squishy but at the moment we didn't care. I sat on top of her back with my head down so I wouldn't hit it on the ceiling.
"Geez you fatty I didn't think you'd actually get up here." She giggled still covering her face. I chuckled.

"There's the Delilah we all know, oh! And by the way Ashton didn't mean to yell, you and Calum were just really heavy sleepers and he didn't know you didn't like telling." Michael said to her,

"It's fine it just kinda scares me." She said.

"That's what your mom had said but Ashton or Luke weren't there so they didn't know." I said

"Oh okay. Did she umm, tell you like why I don't like yelling?" She asked us.

"No she told us you would tell us when you wanted to." Michael said I nodded agreeing with him.

"Okay." She said .

"Now get up and go change so we're not late. You to Calum." Michael said to both of us. We looked at each other and laughed, then began to get ready.

We got in the van and headed our way to sound check. After stopping to get breakfast/lunch since we all woke up late. We were back in the van and I looked at Delilah she was looking out the window her mouth open and her eyes wide.

I laughed and she looked over at me raising an eyebrow. I just shook my head and smiled at her. She gave me a another questioning look.

"I see you've never seen LA before?"
I asked. Still laughing at little.

"So that's what you were laughing at.. And no I've only been out of state a few times for vacation." She said.

All of us just laughed amused by her excitement. We arrived at the arena and began sound check. She grabbed her her guitar and began to strum slightly humming to a song I didn't know. She looked up at me and kept smiled as she kept strumming. She got up with her guitar and started singing one of her songs. She finished and I looked up at her. She blushed lightly and looked away.

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