Lukes girl.

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January 4th

After my long hot shower I decided I would go out to the kitchen for some breakfast. I had woke up late and it was already 11:00 so the boys being awake didn't surprise me.

It has been 3 days since Calum asked me to be his girlfriend and I couldn't be happier. He was nothing like Evan. Nothing.

"Morning!" Ashton called as I entered the kitchen.

"Morning. What all are we doing today?" I asked grabbing some strawberries.

"Nothing, Luke's girl is coming in today. But besides that nothing else." Ashton said and I nodded.

"No recordings?" I questioned.

"Nope." He said and I nodded again

I felt arms snake around my waist and i could smell his cologne.

"Hi Cal." I said smiling.

"Hi sunshine." He said and i could feel him slightly kiss my head.

"Wanna go into the city  for a bit?" He asked.

"Sure, can I finish my food  and get ready?" I asked turning so I could see him.

He kept his hands around my waist gently but responded, "sure. How about we leave in a half hour?" He suggested and I nodded.

We sat down at the table before Luke came prancing in smiling like a madman.

"Morning lovebirds!" He exclaimed somehow managing to smile larger.

"Morning." I said smiling.

"Morning Luke, when does your girl come in? And when do we get to meet her." Calum asked.

"I'll meet her at the airport at 3:30 then we'll probably just go straight back here." He said and we nodded. I got up from the table and put my dishes away then went to my room to get ready.

I picked out black and pink nike tights, a black shirt, and my black and white nike tennis shoes. Then I went to my bathroom to change and do my makeup. I changed and opened the door then took out my makeup.

I decided to just go with something simple.

I started out with straightening my hair. I was almost done when I heard a low chuckle. I jumped and dropped my straightener on the ground.

"Calum! What the he|| stop scaring me!" I exclaimed catching my breath and picking up my straightener from the floor.

"Sorry, I just think your cute when your so concentrated." He said laughing a bit.

"Mmhhn." I rolled my eyes and finishes straightening my hair.

I skipped the concealer and put on light eyeliner and began to add mascara until Calums laughing interrupted me.

"Is there a problem?" I asked cocking an eyebrow.

"You open your mouth when you put mascara on, and it's funny." He said and I rolled my eyes again. I finished and did one last check before going back to the room. I put my dirty clothes that were on one bed into the laundry basket I had in the room then looked around to make sure it was clean. I had made my bed and the other bed that was in the room (because there was two) hadn't really been touched.

"Ready?" I asked and he nodded.

"Wait." He stopped.
"Could we get a picture?" He asked nervously and I nodded laughing Alittle.

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