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For the past two weeks I had been with Lauren,mom,willow, and especially Rae. I'm gonna miss her so much it's gonna be hard to leave. I had just tucked Rae in bed and kissed her goodnight. I couldn't even believe I was leaving tomorrow to go on tour, these two weeks had gone so fast.

"Sweetie, are you all packed for tomorrow?" My mom asked as I stepped out of Rae's room quietly shutting the door behind me.

"I think so."I replied.

"Would you like me to check all your bags?"

"Yes please," normally I would have said no and she was treating me like a kid.. But I was really gonna miss her,she had been there for me throughout my my hardest break up, my worst relationship, dad passing away,and anything else you could imagine."I would like that."I said with a smile.

She finished helping me pack, which I was grateful for because I actually would have forgot a few things, and sat down with me at the table coming in with tea. We sat there for a few minutes in silence until I spoke up.

"I'm gonna miss you mom, you and Rae and willow and Lauren... All of you guys so much." I stated with a sad sort of smile.

"I'm gonna miss you to sweetie, promise me you'll call at least like 4 times a week?"

"I promise mom." I said.

She smiled "I'm tired so I'm gonna head off to bed I'll wake you up at 7:00 since the boys will be here at 8:30?"

"Great thanks mom. Goodnight I love you." I said kissing her cheek.

"I love you to."

As much as I wanted to I couldn't go to sleep. Who would? If you were going on tour with 5seconds of summer would you sleep? No, I thought not.

After a while I decided to check Instagram. I couldn't believe it! After I posted about me going on tour with them last week, my Instagram had gone crazy... I was constantly getting comments and commonly being tagged in different photos. I even had a couple fan accounts. I couldn't even believe this at all.. I checked to see how many followers I had. 10k. I stayed on Instagram for a while and finally drifted off to sleep.

/next day/ :)

I woke up to my mom shaking me lightly. "Time to get up honey it's 7:05."

"Okay mom."

"Go get ready or you'll be late, I'm Gonna go make breakfast." She said.

"Okay I will."

I got clothes and hopped in the shower. Thinking as I let the water run over me. I couldn't think about anything else but meeting them. I stared to get nervous again... What if they don't like me or they think I'm fat.

I hate shower thoughts sometimes.

I hopped out and put on my outfit which was a cute mint sweater, black tights, and a goldish necklace that Rae had gotten me for Christmas last year. (Using moms money of course.)

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