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December 28.

"Delilah, you need to wake up or you'll be late for your flight." I heard my mom say.

I groaned but got up and went to take a shower. I stripped off my clothes and Stepped in. I would be seeing the boys today. And Calum. God I missed them. I also missed Calum. Maybe more than I did the rest. Who am I kidding... I missed Calum way more than the rest. I just missed being with him, and his laugh. I couldn't wait it see him today. The boys would be arriving about 2 hours before I would in La. They would put their stuff in the house we would be living in, then meet me as my plane landed. I let the warm water run down and turned it off while stepping out.

I unfolded the clothes I had picked out and then began to put them on. I had decided to put on a flowery skirt, with a long sleeve navy blue top. Then I tucked the top in and put on a belt to finish it off. I straightened my hair, then added light makeup to my face. I went downstairs and into the kitchen.

"Morning Rae." I said giving her a kiss on the cheek before sitting next to her.

"Do you have to go?" She asked quietly me.

"Sorry bug, but i do have to. I'll see you in May." I said rubbing her arm.

Mom and willow came in and we began to eat our breakfast.

"Okay sweetie, are you all packed?" Mom asked.

"Yeah, and I packed some different clothes." I clarified, and she nodded and we finished our meal of pancakes, and eggs.

I grabbed my suit cases from my room and took them to the car. Willow came out with Rae and buckled her in the car seat before sitting in passenger seat. I took the seat next to Rae. Mom climbed in the drivers seat as we took off to the airport.

Once we arrived we got to the check in and started to check my bags. They couldn't go any farther so it was time to say goodbye.

I started with willow, who shed a few tears, then Rae, who was sobbing, and mom who was crying. I wiped a year that had escaped my own eye and went off, past the security into the gates.

After grabbing a quick snack and a coffee I heard my plane board. I boarded the plane and put my purse at my feet, and sat down in my seat, which was next to the window.

I opened my eyes and Looked out the window. You could see the buildings, and small cars heading in different directions.

As much as it scared me to look down, it was breathtaking. It was my second time in LA now, but it was so pretty. The announcement of us landing soon was heard over the speaker and I rebuckled my seat belt and unplugged my headphones.

The lady next to me offered me some gum to help with the ear pops and I gladly excepted and thanked her.

I felt a bump, and then smooth, before the plane attendant announced our landing. I grabbed my purse and excited the gates.

Fans were waiting outside screaming. Maybe only 50 but they were pretty determined to see me. I got pictures with all of them, and then made my way to find my suit cases.

I made my way through the crowd until I spotted a certain someone.

"DELILAH!" He yelled running towards me.

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