She really is broken.

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There is a possibility some of this could be triggering but it shouldn't be. None of this is in details or anything.
Love you guys <3 enjoy this chapter.

Michaels POV. (Surprise beaches)

Ashton, Luke and I were all talking about Christmas, which would be next month, when I heard my phone go off.  I picked it up as saw 'cal' had popped up on my screen I accepted and put it up to my ear walking out of the pub we were in.

"Hello?" I asked.

"M-Michael." Calum stuttered.

"Cal? Are you crying? What happened?" I asked getting worried it was rare that Calum cried.

"Michael I did something. Delilah needs you guys." He said and my heart dropped. Of course it was him. I began to panic.

"What the he|| did you do?" I rushed out clenching my fists.

"Something I shouldn't have done." He whispered in the phone and I ran back inside. "Please just come back." He pleaded and I could hear him cry again.

"We'll be here soon." I said and hung up. I was furious but scared. The boys looked at me funny,

"Get up, leave money, and I'll explain in the car." I said grabbing my jacket. Ashton put money down on the table and they obeyed with out hesitating.

We got in the car.

"Something happened to Delilah." I said speeding down the road.

"What happened?" Luke asked worriedly.

"Calum happened." I clenched my jaws.

Ashton groaned and after speeding for 10 minutes and surprising not getting pulled over we made it in half the time it should have token. We rushed to the door and all ran inside. Calum was outside of the bathroom crunched In a ball. His eyes were red, and his noes was as well, his hair was messed up, and tears were running down his face.

"Where is she?" Luke asked sternly.

"There." He whispered pointing to the bathroom. "She locked herself in." He said and cried into his hands.

Luke ran over to Calum and eyed Ashton and I down, as if to say 'you get Delilah safe, I'll handle calum' we nodded as Luke led Calum out the door of the bus.

I knocked on the door.

"Get out!" She sobbed loudly.

Ashton and I both breathed out knowing she was still alive, we didn't know what she was gonna do.

"Delilah, please open the door, we will break it down and we will get to you." Ashton said tears filling his own eyes.

"I said Get out!" She cried out, sobbing.

We tried unlocking the door but it wouldn't budge. We listen to her sobs as we thought.

I looked at Ashton and he seemed to understand. We were gonna break down the door.

We nodded as if counting down and ran into the door. It burst open with a loud sound but thankfully didn't break.

I looked down the ground and saw the worst thing I have ever seen.

Delilah was sitting on the floor her knees to her chest, her makeup sneered, and black tears running down her face. But what was beside her and in her hands scared me the most. To her left on the floor were scattered pills. All over the floor. And in her hand was a blade.

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