Anything for you.

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Calum's POV


"Err" I grumble.

I open my eyes. "My mom made breakfast if you wanna come out and eat." De said. I get out of my bed and she leaves. I put on sweatpants and a t-shirt then head down stairs into her dining room.

"Coolum! I saved a seat for you beside sissy!" Rae says smiling.

"Rae! It's Calum!" Willow says scolding Rae as she sits down at the table. I laugh at Rae.

"Did you sleep well?" Willow asks me.

I nodded my head and smile at her.

"Hey you can sit beside me." Delilah said coming into the room. I agree and sit down beside her. Her mom comes in with a plate of pancakes, and some strawberries. Delilah gets Rae and herself a plate, willow gets a plate, her mom gets a plate, then I get mine.

We eat and I followed De upstairs. "The funeral is at 11:30 it's almost 10:00. Do you still want to come? I won't make you or anything," she started rambling. I interrupted her,

"Anything for you De. That's why I came here ya know."

She smiled, "o-okay thank you I'm gonna get ready."

"Okay." I said, I walked out of her room and into the guest room. I grabbed a pair of non-ripped black skinny jeans and a blue button up shirt. I did my hair a little, put some gel in it and brushed it back a bit. Once I was done I sat down on the bed and got on Twitter. There was a hashtag named 'Dalum'. Of course, I thought to myself, they probably think we're dating. I click on it and there's so many pictures of De and I. When I carried her to the hotel  after our first show and most of all when we go through crowds and I always have her hand in mine or my hand on her back and hers is on mine. The next one I saw was when I put my hand on her knee in the plane when she was scared. A fan must have took it.

I hear a knock on my door and Delilah peeks her head in the door way then comes in. She looked absolutely gorgeous. She had a black dress, black heels, and her hair daintily curled. I was stunned.

"Y-you look G-great, De" I stuttered. Wow Way to go Calum, way to go.

"You don't look to and yourself." She smiled, "ready?"

"Yup." We all get in the van. They didn't want Rae coming so they dropped her off at her Aunts house or something. Once we're here, we get out and head to the door. De takes a breath and opens the door. I immediately notice how sad it is here. Really Calum? No duh it's a funeral home.

We were called to sit down and I sat next to De. Some people talked and I found out the girl who had passed was named Lauren. Who was Delilah's best friend, and from what I here more like sister. Delilah was called to say a speech, which I didn't know she was gonna do, but you could tell it was hard on her. I felt horrible. After a good few minutes her speech was done and she sits down beside me. She starts to cry and I grab her hand in mine. She gave me a sad smile. I take my thumb and wipe away a tear that fell from her cheek. She squeezes my hand but didn't let go.

Once it ends we decide we didn't want to go to the burial because it would be to hard on De. We head say our goodbyes and start to head to their van, my hand still in her small, soft ones.

We picked up Rae and got a bite to eat at a restaurant. I really loved her family. They were so friendly and welcoming, plus they didn't treat me like I was some celebrity, which was nice.

We came home and all of us got showers. Willow had to go take her classes or whatever she did, and we ended up watching movies and eating popcorn the rest of the day.

With Delilah cuddled up next to me the whole time.


Sorry for the short chapter. We'll update this weekend. Promise<3
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Okay so obviously this is a book about Calum. But I'm not gonna write one of those books where they immediately fall in love. That would never happen in real life and it's not gonna happen in this book either. I promise something will happen soonish though! Thank you for reading! Love you guys <3


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