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Once again I was called from class. I came out of my classroom and headed down the hallway to the office. I reached the door and twisted the nob than walked inside. The secretary motioned for me to come closer and so I did, she gave me the phone and walked back the her seat.


"Hey Delilah." Someone sniffled.

"Alli? What's wrong" I asked.

"It-its not me its, Lauren." She whispered her name.

I screamed.

"Sh-she's dead Delilah. I'm sorry."

I slammed the phone down and exited the office. As I ran out The main door and made my way down the stairs outside. Tears filling my dark eyes.I ran into someone and fell down. I quickly got up and tried to walk away but someone had grabbed my waist, I looked up to see Calum.

I was imminently grabbed and pulled into a soft, protective hug. I melted into his chest and cried. He rubbed my back. "It's okay bub."
Then "de, it's okay. "De"

"De your okay." And I opened my eyes. Calum was on the side of my bed, in the hotel, one hand on my back, and the other in my hair. The dream flooded back into my mind and I started to cry. Calum lifted me up until I was in a sitting position and then hugged me to his chest.

His arms. They felt so strong. His chest was buff but comforting. His smell was manly but relaxing. His hug was so delicate like he thought he would break me, yet protective. I felt safe. He said sweet little nothing in my ear and I pulled away.

"Your okay Delilah. It was all just a dream. Do you want to talk about it?"
He asked grabbing my hand.

I bit my lip deciding if I wanted to or not but he looked worried. I nodded my head.

"I-I was at the school and I got called down to the office for a phone call, I answered and it was alli. Telling me about Lauren. T-then I ran out of the school, like I did the other time, and ran into someone, a-and it was y-you. You tried to comfort me, t-then I woke up." I said.

"I'm sorry de." He whispered.
"What other time?" He said. It seemed like he was trying not to push anything but I couldn't tell him. It would be to hard on me.

"N-nothing." I said to him.
"Could you stay here?" I asked quietly.

He nodded and climbed in the bed.
"Calum?" I asked.

"Your room is across the hallway. How did you get in my room?"

"When you, the boys and I were all on the couch playing a game, you fell asleep and then I carried you to your bed. We thought you wouldn't mind so we kept playing then I guess I ended up falling asleep on the couch, when you started to cry, I heard you and got up, then I woke you up." He explained.

"Oh." Was all i managed to say.

"Delilah, can I ask question?" He asked.

"Sure." I said.

"I remember the first night you were with us you had a night mare. But I don't remember you having any others. Are you having them?" He asked quietly.

"I've had them less since I've been on tour, but there just not as bad as they were so I don't cry that much. I just wake up, then I'm up for a while." I answered honestly. It was weird this time though. He was in it.

"You know you can always wake me up right?" He asked.

"I know Calum. Thank you for tonight I'm sorry I woke you up." I said feeling a bit guilty.

"Don't be sorry, I'm sorry I haven't been there the rest of the times you've had them. Go to sleep Delilah. I'll be here in the morning." He said and kissed my forehead.

He kissed my forehead.
Am I dreaming?
I must still be dreaming.
Yup I'm dreaming.
He wouldn't do that would he?
I can only dream for the best.


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