New years and New relationships

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Calums POV

"What do you want for lunch?" De asked me as I walked in the kitchen.

"I don't really know, what are you having?" I asked.

"Probably pasta." She replied grabbing a pan from a drawer.

"Could you make me some too?" I asked making a puppy dog face.

"Sure. I'll make some for the rest of the boys too." She said laughing.

"Thank you sunshine." I said causing her to blush. She's so cute.

"Guys, I made pasta if you want anything." De yelled through the house, making the thud of footsteps echo through the house into the kitchen.
We all grabbed a bowl and filled it with pasta then sat in the living room.

Ashton was on the chair. Michael was on one part of the couch. Luke was on the other chair, texting the girl. And de and I were on the other part of the couch together. It was kinda weird how we acted. I'd go and just hug her randomly and kiss her forehead or something. We'd cuddle on the couch, or I'd hold her hand. Besides kissing, we pretty much acted like a couple.

We finished he dinner and all cleaned up the kitchen and our dishes.
"What time is the party?" De asked while we all cleaned.

"9:30." I answered and she nodded.

"Where's it at?" She asked putting some glasses in the dishwasher.

"Someplace in the city, by the beach. It for like wedding receptions but that's where a bunch of people are going and we were all invited." Michael said and Ashton's added in something about who all is gonna be there.

"The One direction boys will be there." He said and I mentally groaned.
Last time we were all with them Niall and de seemed to hit it off, and I was jealous.

We all finished cleaning and I took a quick shower then got changed . I went to go ask de If she'd be my "date" but she wasn't in her room. I checked the living room, the kitchen, the boys room, and I still cou don't fine her.

After I checked the front porch I checked the back, where she was, with her guitar strumming something.

She was so talented. She had so much talent and it had only increased. Our manager signed her, she was working on her first album, and she was told there would be a music video. She was a real star. People stopped to take photos, and fangirl, she had accounts that took so many hours of the day just to say how much they love her.

I watched as she played her guitar and I stepped out the door quietly, making sure she didn't hear.

Her small hands plucking at the strings, she was humming slightly.

Merrily we fall out of line, out of line.

I'd fall anywhere with you I'm by your side.

Swinging in the rain, humming melodies .

We're not going anywhere until we freeze.

I'm not afraid, anymore.

I'm not afraid.

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