"Have a-little fun."

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I had been sulking for 3 days already. I killed my best friend. My only friend. I mean I had then guys and all but, they didn't know anything about me. Lauren knew everything. I got a call from my mom saying that her funeral would be next week. I would fly back in 4 days. I had one extra plane ticket, I still didn't know who to bring. Both of our families had been close so we were all pretty Upset. Including me.

I slept almost all the time, and if I wasn't sleeping i was eating. They boys still had shows but I was taking 2 weeks off. I felt bad but the second people would see me they would apologise and I don't need there sympathy. I was sleeping in my bunk when I heard someone come in. It was Calum.

"What time is it Calum?" I asked turning so I could see him better.

"8:30" he said after looking at his phone.

I nodded and turned over getting ready to fall asleep.

"Eh, eh,eh." He said "Delilah, your getting up. We're doing something I'm not gonna let you sulk all day. We're going out."

I groaned and turned so I was facing him. He frowned at me. I was still surprised he used my full name. He had been calling me 'De' or 'Lilah' (creds to Rae for giving me that nickname..) he only used my full name when he was serious now.

"Get up please! I don't like seeing you like this. Come with me. We can get fresh air and smile." He said still trying to get me to go with me. I groaned once again.

"Have a-little fun." He said yanking my blankets off of me.

"Fine." I grumbled. He smiled."let me get ready. Give me an hour so I can get a shower?" He nodded and walked it of the bunk room. I grabbed my clothes I would wear and a grey beanie. I hadn't had a shower in four days it sounded gross but i honestly didn't care. The shower did feel good though.

I put my clothes on. And put my hair in a long fishtail braid. I did my makeup and looked in the mirror. I was never happy with my appearance but today I actually felt okay. I almost smiled considering I had been crying for almost three days straight, and didn't look like a complete mushroom.

I walked out and Calum was waiting, a smile on his face. I smiled back."you ready?"he asked.

"Let me grab my phone and some shoes." I replied. I grabbed a pair of vans, and my phone. He lead me out the door. "You okay with walking?" He Asked.

"Sure that's fine." I said. "Where are we going?" I questioned.

"I- I was thinking mini golfing. I-if that's okay." He stuttered nervously.

"Sure! It's been a while sense I've gone. I used to go with Rae and willow all the time. Until..." I trailed off.

"Until what?" He asked quietly. Oh you know until my dad died and I was alone.

"Uh nothing." I said smiling to make sure he knew I was okay.

He nodded and we kept walking for another 10 minutes in town. We had the day off so we were in some town in Florida for a while. We arrived at the mini golf course and grabbed the stuff we needed and payed. We played for a while, messing around and just having some normal fun.

"Your kicking my a$$ in this De. I didn't think you were that good." I laughed at his statement. Cause it really was true he sucked at mini golf.

I kept joking around at how bad he was and the couple behind us ended up joining in with our game. They were in there mid 20's or so, but they were the cutest couple I've seen. We talked for a while, and ended up going for another round. Their names were Alesha and Danniel. I had actually smiled practically the whole time and I was so thankful he made me come.

All four of us decided to grab a smoothie at the place across the street.

"You guys are a really cute couple, seems like you have fun all the time." Alesha said to us across the booth.

"U-uh no were not dating or anything just friends." Calum said.

"He just took me out for some fun." I said making it clear we weren't dating.

"Oh well you guys should. I so ship you guys." Alesha said.

Calum coughed nervously and looked over at me. I looked over and he turned so he was facing Danniel again. They were busy talking about soccer ( I guess football depending where your from.??)

"I'm serous though you guys would be absolutely adorable." Alesha said agin looking at the Gus to make sure they weren't paying attention.

I laughed a-little. "We're just friends. Plus I don't like him like that." I said back.

I don't do I?? I mean yeah he was cute, and I loved how when he smiles he gets little wrinkles by his eyes, or how he messes with his sleeves when he's bored. I mentally cursed myself. I can't like someone who I practically live with and all. That would be weird. Wouldn't it??

Alesha smirked at me probably not believing me. I just rolled my eyes. And we said our goodbyes. Calum and I walked in a. Comfortable silence until I spoke up.

"Thank you Calum." I said to him unexpectedly.

"For what?" He asked looking pretty confused.

" Everything. Comforting me the other night while I ruined your shirt, taking me out today, making me smile and laugh for the first time in days, and getting me out of whatever funk I was in. I appreciate it a lot."

"Your welcome De. I didn't like seeing you like that and neither did the fans they were getting worried. But as worried as me though." He laughed nervously at the end.

I smiled at him. "Hey could you maybe do me a favor?" I asked him while we were still walking.

"Anything. What's on your mind?" He asked.

"Well. Um my friend, Lauren, her funeral is next week would you maybe wanna come with me. I have one extra ticket. I know you don't know her, but i don't really want to be lonely. It's okay if you say no I just..." I rambled on..

"De, shush. I'll go with you. I wouldn't want you to be lonely anyway." He interrupted me. Laughing.

I looked down a-little embarrassed and thanked him.

We got back to the bus and I suggested we all watched a movie. The boys agreed and we decided for High school musical thanks to Michael suggesting it. We all laughed at him but went with it anyway, cause why not? We started watching and I curled up between Michael and Calum. I fell asleep with a small smile on my face. Glad I was finally happy again.

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