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Its a cute picture. Act like it looks somewhat like the girl in the cover. Hehe. #wheresmikey?

*beep beep*

I hear my alarm go off. It must be 7:00 already. I groan to myself then get up. I took a shower last night after I got back from the boys so I shouldn't need one now.

I grab my white skinny jeans and then my shirt. It has a black back, with raindrops in the front, and in white print 'I mourn the death of people in fan-fictions.'  I put on a small amount of makeup, grab a jacket, money, my phone, and then the key, then I head out of my room.

I knock on the door. A sleepy Calum opens the door.

"Delilah what the he||? It's like 7:30." He says angrily.

"Calum my gosh, we have an interview at 9:00." I said in annoyance. They act like kids sometimes.

"Shit." He said then ran back inside leaving the door open for me. I rolled my eyes and sat down on their couch while they got ready.

I took out my phone and was just scrolling through Instagram. I found a fan account about me and honestly it was so cute. They had pictures of me singing, walking around, with Calum, and other things. Someone drew a picture of me. It was literally amazing. I couldn't believe someone actually took the time to do that.

I liked the picture and kept scrolling. There was a picture of me and Calum. He was holding my right hand with his left hand, his right arm was around my back, and my left arm was on his shoulder.

We were trying to get away from a swarm of fans. It was about a month ago, but I clicked on it anyway.

The caption was 'pretty sure Calum has a crush on her and she has a crush on him, but whatever it is they need to figure it out '  Well one out of the three parts were true. Yes I did have a crush on Calum, but, he didn't have a crush on me. And no. We should not figure it out because I already know.

I kept scrolling then went back to another persons account. My jcomments started to blow up. I looked at it and most of it was just. 'OMG.     @/Delilah_Reed liked that photo'  I smiled at how happy some of them were and then went to my own account, the last photo I had posted was 2 months ago. It had Luke standing on the far left leaning on Michael with his arm around him, then Michael, who was kissing me on the cheek, me with a shocked look on my face, then Calum on the right of me kissing the other side of my cheek. Last was Ashton who was leaning on Calum with his arm around him, and in the back Ashton and Luke are holding hands.

I laughed at the memory of that photo being taken. It was so weird and awkward. But after that, Calum got pretty touchy. Like he still is.

I realised I should probably post something, so I looked through my camera roll and found a picture of me onstage. I was reaching out to a fan, while smiling. You couldn't see the fans face, so I posted it.

'Yayyyyy De finally posted something!"  Calum was the first to comment. Coming in to where I was sitting.

I was looking through the comments.

'So cute!'

'You literally slay girl!'

'Omg did you see what Calum commented! He called her De'

'Dalum af!'

'She's so hot OMG'

'This is the cutest picture I've ever seen!'

"Oml Calums comment."

I smiled at all of them and so did Calum who was reading off my shoulder.

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