Visiting and phone calls.

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Two days have passed of being home, and it was so refreshing. It was great to be back, and having all that time to spend with family was great.

I grabbed my phone from the stand and checked the time. It read 8:07 I thought about it for a while and decided I would go out. I changed, And grabbed shoes, and my phone, not even bothering to put on makeup. I went to the kitchen and nobody was up yet so I left a note.

'XX morning guys! I went out for a bit ill be back later today. I have my phone with me if you need anything. I love you! XX'

I slid out the door quietly shutting it before heading down the street. After 20 minutes of walking I opened the gates and began to walk down the familiar path.

Straight, right, left, and straight.
Until I got here.

I sit down on the grass and close my eyes momentarily before taking a deep breath.

"Hi dad." I breath.

"It's been forever since I've been here. I bet your wondering why. Well you remember the song miss Jackson? Well I posted a cover of me singing it and someone from a famous band saw me. They asked to go on tour and I excepted. I've been on tour with them for 4 months now. We're on a break for Christmas which is why I'm home. The tour is going great. It takes my breath away every time I go on stage. I think you would be proud of me." I say. My eyes fill with water but I blink them away and continue talking. People pass by and give sympathetic looks to me as I wipe away the tears that are now falling.

I tell him about tour, the guys, how mom is doing, and my album that's coming out. I remember someone good times we have had and tell him about that to. My tears are falling freely as I tell him about all the memory's we had. I manage to get myself to get her as I breath in and out to stop myself from crying. "Dad, I miss you. I'm gonna be back in just gonna visit someone else for a bit. Love ya." I say as I get up and wipe the dirt off of my hands and bum.

I start to walk in the other direction. Until I stop at another grave, this one for another person I have lost.

"Lauren." I start.

"I miss you, you know that? If you were here, I would be fangirling right now with you. Just like we used to. Or talking about boys, or having a movie night. I miss that. The boys would like you. Calum, Ashton, Luke, Michael. All of them. Calums definitely something." I sniffle. I tell her all about Calum, since the start of the tour till then end. I just imagine her being here with me.

"He's what keeps me smiling everyday." I say as I began to smile, just like I said. I feel my phone buzz. I see Calums name pop up and I try to gather myself, and stop crying.

"Hello?" I ask answering the call.

"I'm so sorry de. Are you okay?" He asks quickly and I can hear the worry in his voice.

"What are you talking about?" I asked,
confused to why he's asking me this.

"De, look on Twitter." He says.

I hit the home button with him still on call and enter Twitter. I scroll through the my feed until I come across what he's talking about.

" look at the heartbreaking photo of Delilah Reed, earlier today. She was spotted sobbing Infront of a grave. All prayers go to you. Stay strong.xx"

I look at the picture attached and it was of me, about 2 hours ago at my dads grave. I was looking at the grave and tears are running down my face. With my mouth in a frown. One of the People here must have known me.

"De?" Calum asks over the phone. I click back to the phone.

I begin to sob into the phone.
"I'm sorry it's just, it's so hard, I didn't know they were taking pictures." I say and I can hear all the boys with him.

"De, I'm sorry. They're so disrespectful for posting that." I hear Michael say and I sigh.

We talk for a while as they calm me down. It was late for them, but once they saw the tweet of me they got worried. We ended the call and I went back to my dads grave.

"I'll visit you again before I leave. I love you." I say as I kiss my hand and touch the grave before walking out of the cemetery and heading home.

Calums POV.

It was pretty late in Australia. All four of or family's were hanging out. I got on my phone and checked twitter. I retweeted some tweets from fans, and tweeted about being home. Until I came across a picture of Delilah. My heart shattered for her.

She was in front of a grave, crying. Tears were running down her soft cheeks. Her eyes looked down with sadness. All I wanted to do was hold her. I had seen her cry but it was just little, not like what The picture shows.

"Guys look, some paparazzi or someone got this picture of Delilah today." I said showing them the screen. All of their smiles dropped and their reaction was just like mine.

"When was this?" Michael asked slowly.

"Maybe 2 hours or so ago." I said.

"We should call her, she probably needs someone to talk to." Ashton said and I nodded. I dialed her number and waited for it to answer. After a few rings her voice rang through the speaker.

"Hello?" I heard her ask.

We all let out a breath and I smiled hearing her voice,

"I'm so sorry de, are you okay?"

"What are you talking about?" She asks. She must have not seen it. We can hear the croak in her voice.

"De, look on Twitter." I say.

We wait a few minutes.

"De?" I ask, questioning if she hung up.

"I'm sorry it just, it's so hard, I didn't know they were taking pictures." She explains and we can beat her cry.

"De, I'm sorry. They're so disrespectful for posting that." Michael says.

We talk for another half hour or so. She stopped crying a while ago, but Ashton insisted we make sure she was okay, and non of us argued.

We hung up after a while and and kept talking. I went back on Twitter and decided to tweet something.

Have any of you heard about personal space? If someone's visiting home, or going through a hard time, leave them alone.

I sigh as I tweeted it and went to bed shortly after, thinking about Delilah.


Hi guys! Sorry for the crappy chapter, but We both feel like sometimes We ignore all the little things. We know it's sort of cliché. Really cliché actually, but it's happened to me, and it happens to people.

If you think of anything we wrote wrong, or something that's confusing, don't be afraid to message, or comment.

If any of you guys, need to talk about anything, and I mean literally anything (writing a book, personal problems, questions, etc.) don't be afraid please.

We love you all!

-E and D <3

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