"Maybe we should."

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I woke up to four boys arguing about something. Which doesn't surprise me. In an attempt to ignore their yells, I went to onto Twitter. I responded to a few tweets, then saw a few tweets from last night. A few were Niall and I hugging, Harry and I talking, Calum and I walking into the party, and us walking out. I had actually gotten a tweet from Niall.

@/DelilahReed  It was fun talking to you last night! I'm glad we finally got to meet!

Holy shiz Niall tweeted me!

I tweeted him back,

@/NiallOfficial I had a great time! It was great meeting you!

I couldn't believe he actually tweeted me. They boys were still arguing over something and it was getting annoying so I barged out of the bunk room.

"My god guys! What's your problem? Could you quiet down!" I yell.

Calums' face softens, "Sorry De we didn't mean to wake you up." He said.

"It's fine." I grumble.
"What are you guys even arguing about at 8:00 in the morning anyways?" I ask getting irritated.

"Calum being stupid." Michael mumbles.

"Fúck off." Calum says under his breath, Luke and Ashton give them both warning stares.

I roll my eyes at how immature and turn around, and start to walk back to the bunk room.

"De wait!" Calum said grabbing my wrist.

"What?" I ask, getting annoyed.

"Would you, um, wanna go out for lunch before soundcheck?" He asks.

"Whatever Calum, sure. What time?" I respond and his face lights up. I giggle and he rolls his eyes.

"A half hour maybe? Then we can come back before we have to leave?" He asks.

I agree and head back to the bunk as I get changed. Then do my makeup.

"Ready?" Calum asks as I get my sunglasses on.

I nod my head and he grabs my hand and starts to pull me out the door.
We say goodbye to the guys and keep walking.

"I was uh thinking we could go to just like a restaurant or something.?" He says questioning.

"Sure." I said and he puts and arm around my waist.

I laugh, "Calum people are gonna think we're dating, get your arm off." I laugh as I pull his arm off of around me.

"Maybe we should be." He mumbled and my heart flutters at his words. I have a feeling I wasn't supposed to hear it so I ignore it. I know for a fact he doesn't like me so I'm not even gonna bother. But thinking about it makes me get a swarm of butterflies in my stomach.

We enter the restaurant and the waiter leads us to our table. After looking at the menu I look around. The room is light and welcoming. Which brightens my mood. My thoughts were snapped out when Calum starts a conversation,

"What are you getting?" He asks.

"I think just the salad, I'm not that hungry." I reply.

"Oh okay." He says and scans his menu.

"De?" He asks putting his menu down.


"What was your dad like?" He asks sweetly but quietly.

I breathe out as I begin to talk,

"You don't have to tell me, it's just now I know he was a big art in your life, I wanna know what he was like." He says squeezing  my hand across the table.

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