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We've been on tour for  two weeks now. Almost three actually. I have to say though, I love spending time with the boys, they're always so crazy, and fun to be around.

Ashton's kinda like my brother, but like the one that acts like a dad. He's always the one to wake us up, or make breakfast in the tour bus, or help me with my online classes I've been taking.

Luke's like my other brother. But the one who's dragging you to a roller coaster that your barely tall enough to ride, or the one who always gets in trouble but laughs about it.

Michael's like my best friend. I tell him everything. (Well except two things but still) He's always so cuddly and he definitely gives the best hugs. We've gotten really close over the two weeks.

The last is Calum. And to be honest I don't really know what he is to me. Kinda like a good friend... But then kinda not. We talk just as much as I do the other guys but, it's just different somehow.

I talk to Rae, mom, and sometimes Willow about 4 times a week. Like promised. I miss them a lot, I'm not gonna lie, but I like it here also. I have 76k on Instagram now and it's really hard to believe. At the concerts I even have posters with my name on it, or something. I've written a few of songs since I started tour with them. Maybe 4, or so. Most of them are about happy things but one is about missing home. I've gotten to be a better writer in my opinion and I can thank the boys for that.

We were on our way to the bus, and had just finished our show. I put my sunglasses and hoodie up, grabbed Calum's hand, and Michaels arm, and Ashton opened the door in front.

As expected, all we could see were fans, paparazzi, and two security guards. Ashton pushed in between them all taking pictures with some of them. Someone asked me to get a picture of me, Calum, and herself, so I let go of Michael. We took the picture and both have her a hug. "Btw I'm so Dalum." She said squealing and walking away. I looked at Calum with a surprised look, and he look surprised his cheeks were a lift shade of pink. I knew mine were to though so I didn't say anything, I just grabbed his hand and stared to walk. After about 15 more minutes we were back on the bus.

I told the boys goodnight as I changed and went to bed. I couldn't go to sleep cause all that was in my head was what that girl said. Dalum? I know it's a ship name but we aren't dating. I don't like him do I? No, I don't I just met him like two weeks ago. No. I was still thinking about 'Dalum' as I drifted off to sleep.

Michaels POV. (Mhm didn't expect that now did ya??)

After we made it back to the bus, Delilah went to bed. I suggested we should watch a movie and the boys agreed. Luke and Ashton were fighting over a movie to watch. And Calum, was just silent watching them.

"What's wrong mate?" I whispered to him quietly so Luke and Ashton didn't hear.

"Just thinking about somethings." He replied still showing no emotion. I just raised my eyebrow and got on Twitter.

Normally i would have seen tweets of people fangirling about us, but all I could fine were tweets about Dalum. It had been going on for awhile now. But it was crazy. All you could see were pictures of them, in the cafe in the airport the first day we met, walking hand-in-hand through the crowds, and also him carrying her bridal style to the hotel room, when she fell asleep on or way home from the club.

I knew something had been going on between them, not exactly them liking each other but just something. I have to admit these pictures made it seem like they were dating. I saw a picture of them staring at each other with a surprised look on their faces. But both of them were blushing. Blushing? Since when does Calum Hood blush? I looked at what Calum had on in the picture.

That was tonight. Maybe something was going on? I noticed when Calum is around Delilah, he stutters sometimes, and when he's Not around her he never does. He acts like how I was when I met Ariana grande. I was a complete mess. Plus whenever she goes to record he always comes with her. Even if I say I'm going too. Then there is the crowds thing, the first day we forgot about it and she was hurt, after that Calum and I always made sure we had a hold of her. Now it's not as big of a deal. But they manage to always stay hand-in-hand. I wonder if there is something going on?  I don't know for sure but I am gonna find out.

My thoughts were interrupted by Luke and Ashton finally coming up with a decision for a movie. As Ashton set up The Breakfast Club, I looked at Calum who was once again zoned out. Was he thinking about Delilah? Or was something actually going through his brain for once? I'm going to find out.


Authors note!
We finally updated!! Next chapter will have some 'Dalum' moments so be prepared!! Nothing really big but it's at least something.

So Michaels on their case.😏

Anyways sorry for the bad writing I'll fix the typos later. Comment any suggestions , or really anything. Thanks for reading!
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