Please, mom?!

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Authors note:)
The chapters will all be Delilah's  POV unless stated.

I woke up to knocking on my door."Delilah , mom made pancakes," Willow says as she opens my door."she wants you to come downstairs and help set the table."

I  grumble but slowly get out of bed. I head to the restroom and use the bathroom,brush my teeth,and wash my face quickly before I go downstairs. Then it hits me,

I might be going on tour with 5 seconds of summer! I jog downstairs and end up running into Rae. "Sorry Rae are you okay?" I ask and begin to feel bad.

She starts to cry and I try to calm her down. "What did you do?" Willow snaps.

"I ran into her on accident, I was in a rush to tell mom something." I say and leave as willow picks up Rae and quiets her down. She mumbles something that I couldn't quite hear but I shake it off and try to find mom.

She asks what happens to Rae and I tell her I was in a rush to tell her something and I ran into her,which knocked her down. She scolds me for not being carful but asks me why i was in a rush. I get all excited again as I begin to tell her what happened last night. After 10 minutes of explaining she stands there with her mouth open and a surprised look on her face.

"I can't believe this! This is so incredible Delilah!" She says with a smile.

"What's incredible?" Willow comes in with Rae right behind her.

I tell her too and she had the same reaction as mom. We talk about it for a while until mom said we should eat breakfast. I nod and head to the table.

We were in the middle of eating when the phone rings. I swear my heart stopped what if it's their manager? Mom gets up and grabs the phone walking out to another room. I began to get all excited and 15 minutes later she comes back in. I immediately bombard her with questions. "Who was it?" "Was it their manager?" "What did you say?" "Can I go?"

She laughs at me and tells me how it was their manager. He told her what their plan was and gave her the details and told her to call back later once she made up her mind. I repeated the question.

"Can I go? Please, mom?!"

"Honey I'm so proud of you, and you know that, but you being with 4 guys you've never met before, for 9 months? I don't know sounds like trouble."

My heart drops, she didn't say no, but the fact she's debating makes me sad already.

"But mom" I whine "this is a huge step for me I could do what I've always wanted to do.... I could do what dad wanted me to."

She just looks at me and thinks for a while. She sighs.

"Find you can go sweetie, you deserve it."

I jump up and down and hug mom. Willow comes in the room and I hug her to. I tell her that I'm going and she gives me another hug. Rae comes in a few Minutes later looking confused as to why I'm jumping around like a 3 year old who got ice cream. I tell her why I'm all excited then something hits me in the heart.

I've never been so completely happy to that sad before. I realize I have to leave her home and the rest of my family. We've always been that kind of family in the movies, and I'll never complain, we rarely fought, we were all close, the Even when dad left us we stayed together as a whole. I think we all realize it and start to tear up. Besides Rae that is. I tell them I'm gonna miss them and we talk about the tour for a while, and discuss the details.

Mom and Rae decide to go to the park and willow left for her classes for the day, so it was just me. I check my phone and DM Michael.

D: I don't know if you know already but I'm going with you guys on tour! I can't wait! Thank you again for choosing me!

M: So I heard. Thank you for accepting, the guys and I can't wait either!

M: oh also Calum says hi ;)

D: well hi back lol.

We talked for a little while and I began to watch A few of their videos on YouTube. I didn't know them very well so I thought I should watch some of their videos, and listen to their music. After about an hour I go downstairs for lunch and realize I haven't told Lauren, my best friend, what's going on.

I call her and tell her to come over. She agrees and was at the house in 30 minutes. I told her what was happening and she congratulated  me, of course with tears in both of our eyes. We've always been practically inseparable, we told each other everything, always hung out, we had a strong friendship. I told her I would keep in touch. After a few hours she had to go home still a few tears in her eyes. I felt guilty, lonely, excited, and happy all at once. I couldn't believe this was happening to me.

/skip to the next day/
I told my mom I needed to go shopping to get stuff for the tour and she gave me money for the mall. I called Lauren and asked her to come with me, I wanted to spend as much time with her as I could before I leave. She happily agreed wanting to spend time with me too, and picked me up 20 minutes later. We spent the whole day shopping for cloths, makeup, and other things I might need while I would be on tour.

I was so glad she supported me with my decision.

Once we were done shopping I came home. It was about 6:30 so I thought I should help my mom with supper.

She told me she called the school I went to, to tell them the news that I would be dropping out. She wasn't exactly thrilled about that idea so I suggested I would take online classes while on tour. This made her content enough, I wasn't exactly A big fan of it but if that's what it took I would do it. She told me I would go to school tomorrow since it was Monday and gather all my things and say goodbye to my teachers. I would say friends as well but like I said Lauren was my only friend. We all ate dinner and i went to bed early.

/skip again/
I had spent the last week hanging out with Lauren and my family as much as I could, I had gathered all my things from school Monday and said goodbye to the teachers, and a few other mutual friends.

It was now Saturday. Exactly a week before I leave and I was so nervous.

What if they don't like me? Or they think I'm annoying? Does my voice sound worse in public? Will they hate me?

I began to get nervous about all this so I decided to talk to Michael about it. Him and I had been talking a lot, as well as the rest of the boys, but I was closest to Michael, I told him what was wrong and why i was nervous. He told me not to worry about it and that everything was gonna be okay. I still didn't fully believe him but I couldn't back out now.

Calum: Hey, Michael told me you were nervous about all this, I just wanted to let you know everythings gonna be okay, don't worry, your voice is so amazing everyone's gonna love it and I know the tours gonna be so fun with you and the guys. :)

D: thank you so much Calum, it really means a lot to me.

C: no problem see you in a week ;)

I locked my phone with a smile on my face. That was really sweet what Calum had said and I was beginning to feel better about all this. Maybe it won't be so bad.

Authors note:)
I promise the boys will be in the next chapter I just have to have filler chapters so I get all the details. Sorry for typos or other things like that. Thanks for reading -E

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