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"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!"

"Lilah it's Christmas!"

"Merry Christmas bug!" I yell tackling Rae in a hug.

She giggles and takes my hand as she leads me downstairs.

"Merry Christmas." Willow says grabbing a cup of coffee.

"Merry Christmas honey!" My mom says smiling.

"Can we go open presents? Please?!" Rae whines and we laugh and nod.

We all sit down in the living room.

"Go first Rae." Willow says. Rae quickly grabs her first present and opens it.
"Yay thank you! Thank you! Thank you! She says excitedly as she sees her new stuffed animal.

It was my turn next, since j was seconds youngest,  and I grab a random present from my pile and start to open it. I gasp.

"It's amazing mom! Thank you so much. You didn't have to do this!" I exclaim as I see my new phone.

"It's no problem sweetie, you needed a new one anyways." She states and I give her hug bridge sitting back down.

After me, Willow went, and mom followed. We followed this pattern until we had all opened up all of our presents we got. By the end I had gotten, a phone,speakers, makeup, clothes, some new CDs, and money. I thanked mom and Willow for the presents and then Rae, even though she hadn't really given me anything.

"Alrighty girls, we have company coming over at 2:00, which is in 2 hours. I expect the house to be clean by then." Mom said and we groaned.

We cleaned the house and I was currently helping Willow make the dinner while my mom set the table.

"Who's all coming?" I asked.

"The Wilson, and Lohr, family." She said placing a fork on the table.

"Wilson is the one with Beth, and Lohr is the one with Braden right?" Willow asks and my mom nodded.

Braden used to be one of my good friends and we still talk her and there. Well that was before I left for tour.

We finished making dinner and mom told us to go get ready and help get Rae ready. I told Willow she could get ready and that I would handle Rae.

I go to her room and go through her closet looking for something to wear.

"What am I wearing?" She asks.

"I'm not sure. Mommy said something nice. So a dress or skirt." I told she and she groaned.

"I don't wanna wear a dress or skirt!" She whined and I just chuckled.

I found a skirt with flowers and a pink shirt and then flats.

"Alright missy your wearing this." I said holding it out. She groaned and shook her head.

"I don't wanna." She stated.

"You don't have a say bug." I said and began to undress her. I put the shirt over her arms and head and pulled it down. Then I got he skirt. I tucked in the shirt and out on her flats.

"Sit down in front of me I need to do your hair." I said.

"No!" She said and kept repeating.

"Stop throwing a tantrum and come over here." I said sternly.

"No." She said.

"Rae, Alison, Reed. Come right here and sit in front of me or I'll get mom." I said snapping my fingers.

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