What have I gotten myself into..

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I woke up to my alarm going off and groaned. I didn't want to leave. Not yet. But I knew I had to. Yesterday was spent going to the park with Rae and Calum, watching movies, and cuddling. It was nice. Calum's so freaking sweet I'm glad he went with me. I got out of my warm,fluffy comforter and made my way to our guest room to wake up Calum. I knocked on the door and poked my head in. I yelled his name but he didn't hear, so I went up to him.

He was in a little ball right in the middle of the bed hugging a pillow like he would a person. I find it funny how people sleep the way they do. I know i sleep with one leg bent and one straight. Calum sleeps like that. Rae spreads out and takes up the whole bed (no matter the size..) and it's just kinda fun to think about.

I went closer to him and shook him a tad. He didn't budge. He was a heavy sleeper. Ugh! He looked so cute and peaceful I don't wanna wake him.
I mean not cute.... Just peaceful. You know what I'll just wake him. I went to the bathroom across the hall and got a washcloth. I got it wet but not were enough that it was dripping and put it on his head. He woke up immediately.

"De what the crap?!" He whisper yelled making sure to not wake up Rae.

I giggled. "Wake up Calum we need to leave in 2 hours." I said as I was out of the room and into mine. I packed a few new clothes and left some that i had brought. I got another dress for a 'fancy' occasion just in case, then I zipped up my suit case and went downstairs.

Calum was in our kitchen holding Rae, and talking to my mom about something. I stopped and just looked at Calum for a while. Honestly, it was one of the cutest things I've seen. I took my phone out of my pocket and took a picture. It made a 'snap'. Calum noticed sound.

"Did you just take a picture of me?"He asked.

"I don't know, did I Hood?" I said smirking.

"Oh you're in for it." Calum said as he put Rae down gently and ran for me.
I ran into the living room and he kept chasing me. He got a hold of me and grabbed be by my waist. I tried to get out of his grasp but I ended up turning us around and getting my foot tangled with him, which caused us both to fall.
Thankfully it was on the carpet in front of the couch but it still hurt like heck, just saying. We fell next to each other my legs on top of his but our bodies right next to each other. His eyes widened and as if on cue, we both started to crack up.

I had laughed for 5 minutes and I was laughing so hard i was crying. We both caught our breath and he got up. Still slightly laughing he grabbed my hand and pulled me up. Like In a movie he pulled me a little too hard and we ended up chest to chest just staring. His eyes were dark, yet sweet. Trusting almost. My thoughts were interrupted by an awkward cough.

"I-uh didn't mean to pull you that hard. y-your really small and I must have not know my own strength I guess." He chuckled nervously.

"It's fine." I smiled and pulled away.

We ate breakfast, and I finished packing and then changed. I didn't know what to wear so I decided on some comfy clothes, which was black leggings and a black and white flannel. Nothing fancy. Honestly I probably looked like a sewer rat but oh well. I braided my hair, grabbed my bags, then went downstairs.

I started saying goodbye to Willow, and Rae came downstairs as well as my mom. She started tearing up. And so did I. It was only the end of August, but I wouldn't see them until December. For some it might not seem like a lot but it was to me. Calum came down and Rae gave him a big hug to. Then a cute little kiss on the cheek which made me smile. "By bug, I'll see your for Christmas. Be good for mom." I said to Rae.

We said our final 'goodbye for now's and then went to the taxi we had called for. We got to the air port and grabbed a coffee sense it was only 10:45 then sat down. A fan came up to me and calum and was really nice honestly. But we were afraid she would give out where we were so we both bribed her. She was sweet and said she wasn't going to anyway seeing as it "wasn't her business" but we thanked her anyway and gave her auto graphs.

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