I knew it!

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The day after we got back I woke up pretty late. I looked over at Calum beside me and he was sleeping to. I checked the time. 11:37. I started to freak out.

"Calum! Get up! We're gonna be late for soundcheck we have a show tonight!" I practically screamed while gathering my clothes. He jerked up and started to get his clothes as well. I went to the bathroom to change. And did my makeup and hair, As fast as I could. I stepped out and calum came in already dressed.

The other boys must have left already and not woken us up.. Those little rats. I grabbed a jacket, my vans, and sunglasses them waited for Calum. He came out and we got out of the bus. We grabbed a taxi and told him to take us to the arena. We got inside,

"Hey you go up and find the boys I'll be there in a second I need to get something." He said. I nodded and went off to find the boys. I found them in their dressing room,

"Delilah! Sorry we didn't wake you guys up." Ashton said.

"Wait where's Calum?" Luke asked coming up to me with Michael behind him.

"It's fine we got up in time. And he said he had to go get something? I don't really know." I said,

"Oh. Okay well soundcheck starts in 5 minutes so he better hurry." Michael said.

Their stage manager pulled me over and told me what I'd be singing. I told him  I had written a new song about Lauren while I had been sulking and wanted to sing that as my second song. He agreed and gave me a water bottle.

"Where's Calum? I thought he'd be here by now." I said while jumping on Michaels back.

He groaned. But grabbed my thighs giving in. (Not like that you creeps)
"I don't know, but he needs to get here." He said. We couldn't find him after a few minutes and decided to just go out with out him and have security look. We went out and the crowds screamed. I flinched a little but I wasn't as scared of crowds screaming as I was people directly. It sounded weird but oh well.

We told them about how we didn't know where Calum was but that he would come out when they found him. Michael let me off his back and we started the Q&A first. They asked questions about random things and Alittle about me.

"What's your favourite food?"
Pizza -A. Spaghetti -L

"If you could choose between and poodle and a corgi what would you choose?"
Can I choose a kitten? -M

"Is Dalum real? Because if so I so ship it."
N-no Dalum is not real we were just friends-I answered with a smile.

A few more questions were answered and then Calum came out finally.

"Where were you!?" Michael yelled kind of jokingly.

"I was getting coffee. Jet-lag's a beach." He said.

"Here I got you one too." He said coming up to me.

"Thank you." I said smiling.

The crowd roared in
"Dalum! Dalum! Dalum!"
I blushed and looked away hoping that nobody noticed. I sang about 2 songs and the boys said 3. Then we headed inside, to wait for the show to start.

We grabbed a bite to eat. Which ended up being soup and tea, then we all sat down.

"Really Calum? Coffee? That's it? Your lucky we love you." Luke said.

"What?," Calum said putting his hands up in surrender. "We didn't get coffee and I wanted some, so i got De some too!" He said.

I giggled at the boys argument and sipped my tea. We all ended up sitting down and I laughed while the boys all danced around to some remix and Michael recorded them. Calum came up to me and picked me up throwing me over his back.

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