The Date.

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Calum's POV

We both got out of the car and I led the way to the door. I opened the door for De and motioned her to come inside first, then I followed. She smiled back at me and I couldn't help but smile back. The things she does to me. I wanna tell her how I feel tonight during the dinner. I'm just afraid she doesn't feel the same.

"You okay Cal?" De asked snapping me out of my worries.

I smiled, "of course." I responded and went up to the hostess.

"Um, reservation for Hood." I said nervously.

"Right this way." The worker smiled. I took De's hand and followed the worker.

"Here you go. Your waiter will be coming shortly to get your Orders for your drinks." She smiled and put or menus down before walking away.

I pulled out De's chair, then sat in my own.

"Cheesy, tonight are we?" She asked smiling, which showed her dimples.

"Only for you." I smile back showing my teeth.

"My names Jake, I'll be your waiter for the night, can I start you off with some drinks-oh my goodness your Delilah Reed." He states his eyes widening.

She giggled. "Yes I am."

"My daughters a huge fan of you, would you mind if I possibly got a picture?" He asked.

"That's perfectly fine." She stated smiling. She was pretty big now. And I Couldn't help but feel proud of her.

She got the picture and we ordered our drinks, and meals. After talking for a while we got our meals and began to eat.

"How is your meal?" I asked.

"It's great. What did you get again?" She asked.

"I got shrimp with noodles." I smiled. And she nodded.

"This is amazing food. But it's also expensive. Why did you bring me again?" She asked and my breath hitched. I had to tell her. I can't keep it In anymore.

"Well.." I started and I felt myself start to shake. In never done this with a girl.

"You can tell me anything." She said grabbing my hand, looking sincerely.

"I know I can... So the real reason is, I like you Delilah. I have forever now. I tried to stop it, and it just doesn't work. I've never felt like this before. Ever. You make me happy all the time. When you smile, I smile. You make me feel safe. I missed you so much during break, I'm used to spending every minute with you, and when I don't I feel lonely. If your happy I'm happy. If your sad I'm sad. When I saw you with that Braden dude, I got jealous because he got to spend time with you and I didn't. When you look at me I swear I feel sparks. And when you kissed me, I'm pretty sure a bomb went off. Your my sunshine Delilah. I can't live without you. I really like you."

She looked at me with an expression k couldn't read. She took a breath then opened her mouth to talk, "I really like you too. I just thought you didn't like me back." She said and My smile somehow managed to get bigger.

"You do?" I asked.

"I do." She responded.

"What's gonna happen now?" She asked quietly.

"I don't know, but we'll figure it out together." I said confidently.

We finished our meal, and I paid for it before we walked out hand in hand.

"So where are we going now?" She asked letting go of my hand and climbing into the car. I mentally frowned with the loss of touch but climbed into the drivers seat.

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