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"Dalilha the office called, they would like you to come down, you have a phone call." Mrs emzir told me.

"Oh okay." I didn't know why I was being called out of class but I wasn't gonna complain, I was getting out of algebra. I grabbed my stuff and headed down to the office looking out the windows on my way. I opened the office door and was greeted by our secretary. She gave me the phone.
"Sweetie it's mom.... I'm so sorry." She began to sob. I didn't know why,I was getting worried.
"Mom? What's wrong? Are you okay?"
"I-I'm fine but your dad..."
"WHAT HAPPENED TO DAD?" I interrupted her.
"H-he got in a car crash....... By the time the ambulance got to him.. I-it was t-to late." She said whispering the last part. I remember the secretary's face when I started to cry. She became pale. In her buisness suit which was grey and cream colored. I remember it all.
I ran out of the office not even caring about the looks I was getting. I ran out of the front door to the school. Until I ran into someone. I stumbled down and tried to keep running but they had a hold of me. I looked up to see Lauren. We weren't very good friends, i had only talked to her in the hallways or a simple hello.
She looked at me and simply gave me a hug.. That was it. Did I mind? No. It was exactly what I needed. I can still remember our start of friendship, her ditching school, me running out in tears. She asked me what was wrong after a while. Yet all o could get out was

"no, no, No, No, No!No! NO"


"Delilah! Wake up your dreaming, wake up! Please!" Someone said eagerly. Calum.

I jerked up, Ashton and Luke at the end of the bed, Michael beside me to my right, and Calum holding my shoulders.

I realized what had happened. I always had these nightmares, the same thing happened each time. But it was true. I got called down in algebra, got that same phone call from my mom, and ran out bumping into Lauren. Then I would wake up. Same thing at least once a week. I got snapped out of my thoughts.

"You were having a nightmare," no duh "you kept repeating no and it woke us up so we came to. Check on you."

"I'm so sorry I didn't mean to wake you guys up, I just had a bad dream I'm fine know."

"O-okay. We just got worried, goodnight Delilah." Calum stated sweetly.

Luke and Ashton said goodnight and walked out with Calum, Michael stayed.

"Do you want to talk about it?" He asked quietly.

"I'm kinda tired, but I'll tell you later. Promise." I said, I was tired but I also wasn't really ready to tell them.

He hugged me tightly and we stayed like that for a while."I'm always here if you need me, same with the boys." He says in my ear still hugging me.

I pull away softly, "thank you Michael, I know. Goodnight. See you in the morning?"

"See you in the morning." Michael said smiling and walked out of my room into his, cracking the door. I was still thinking about my dream, I hated when I had it, it always made me think about things. I soon found myself dozing off entering a peaceful sleep.


I woke up and checked my alarm clock that was beside my bed. 7:53.
I decided I should take a shower so I wouldn't smell bad. I grabbed my cloths i would be wearing and my makeup bag. I shut the door and began to take my cloths off. I stepped in the shower.

After my long warm shower I got out with the towel around me and started to brush my teeth. I spit my toothpaste out in the small sink and began to put on my cloths. I put my undergarments on and then put on my dark blue jeans, with a black crop top. I let my hair dry into loose curls which was my natural hair. I put on my makeup and stepped out into my room.

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