Drooling, and truth or dare.

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"Awe look how cute!"
"They look so adorable."
"I'm so gonna get a picture."

*snicker snicker*


"Imgurnakillu" I groan.

"Dîcks." I hear Calum grumble.

Oh god his morning voice....

"De your drooling!" I hear one of them tell and I jerk up.

They all go in a fit of laughter and I groan again. I did not sign up for this.

I had fallen asleep on Calum last night and I guess I drooled...

Calum pulled me back down to his chest. And laughs. I can feel his chest vibrate and normally I would have felt butterfly's but the reason why he's laughing is because I drooled on him. I curse myself under my breath and Calum laughs blew loudly as well as the boys.

"It's fine De, I have to change anyways." He chuckles and I hide my face.

"We slept in late, we need to get ready for soundcheck." Ashton states once he cools down.

I get up, while still covering my face and grab my clothes and some makeup them start to get ready.  Once I'm finished I eye my outfit one more time before approving.

My outfit consisted of dark blue jeans, a black tank top, and a mint colored flannel. I nod my head in approved before walking out of the room. Once the boys are ready I grab my sunglasses and we head unit the van.

Once we get to soundcheck we head on stage and start the Q&A.
Most of the questions were pretty normal and it wasn't too bad.

"So when does your break start? And when does it end?" A teenager asks.

"Well it's starts December 15 which is in 2 weeks, and we meet back up together December 28." I answer and the boys nod,

"What are you looking forward too mosh?" Someone else asks.

"I'm gonna guess we all agree when j say this, but, seeing our family again, and just being back home." Luke answers. We all nod agreeing and the questions go on.

"Delilah? Have you ever seen the boys naked? Or have they seen you?" Someone asks and I almost choke.

"NO. Definitely not and I plan to keep it that way. The closest I have been is them without shirts, and we've all seen that." I clarify. She laughs.

"What do you plan to do after the tour is over?" Someone asks me.

"Umm, I'll probably end up going back to my old life Sadly. But I thin it would be cool to travel the world." I state.

We talk about that for a while until we are called to sing our songs.

I play my new song heroes, and the boys play catch fire, and if you don't know.

Then we head back into the dressing room.

My show went normal and the boys did great as usual, once the show was done we head back to the bus. Calum sits down on the couch and I plop down beside him. He smiles at me and turns his attention back to the boys.

Ugh that smile, I swear he's so cute.

"How about a classic game of truth or dare?" Michael asks as the bus starts up and takes off.

"I'm in." I say.

"Me to." Says Calum.

Ashton nods his head.

"How about you Luke?" I ask.

"Hmm?" He asks getting off his phone.

I smirk knowing he was texting mystery girl, "up for a game of truth or dare?" I re ask.

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