Birthdays and guitars.

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"HAPPY BIRTHDAY DELILAH!" I heard 4 boys scream and I jolted up in my hotel bed.

They sprayed silly string on me, and threw confetti all over me and my bed, while they sang happy birthday.

It ended with 'whoops' an claps.

"Happy birthday de!" Michael said coming up to me and giving me a hug. I half hugged back since i was still in bed and got out. Then got hugs from the rest of them.

"We're going out in an hour since we let you sleep in till 12:00. Then we're gonna go to the beach, eat, do any other thing you want, then come back to the hotel and open presents." Calum said confidently.

"Dang Cal, you got this all planned out don't ya?" I smiled.

"Yes I do now go get ready we'll meet up with you at 1:00." He said and then all left My room.

I smiled and got a shower, and got ready.

I let my hair do its own thing seeing as it would get messed up anyways, and then grabbed my clothes. I grabbed my bathing suit, which had an all black top, and the bottoms were mostly black with a peach stripe that went around my hips.

I got shorts, and a loose tank top then went to the boys room. I knocked and Ashton opened the door letting me in.
I sat down on their couch.

"Hey you guys, I have two questions. One, how did you know it was my birthday? And two, how did you why I'm my room?" I asked.

"Well I have two answers," Calum started and I rolled my eyes.

"Your mom told the manger while filling out the forms, and then I looked at it when we all had to sign it. And I made the hotel manager give me a spare key to your room." Calum said winking at the end and going back to his own room.

"Wow." I said. Once we were all ready we got towels and walked to the beach.


"What is it de..?" Calum asked me.

"Can you give me a piggy back ride I'm tired."

"Get on." Calum Said rolling his eyes and bending down so I could jump on his back.

I giggled as we stared walking again.

"OMG LOOK! DALUM AF! THIS IS SO EFFING CUTE." A teenager maybe my age said.

The girls with her started screaming too, and I began to hold tighter to Calum and breath harder. I think Calum noticed cause he stiffened up, and told the girls that we had to go.

They got videos of us walking and I knew they would get all over by the time I got back but I didn't care.

"You okay?" Michael asked.

"I'm fine. LOOK WE'RE HERE!" I yelled jumping off Calum and running.

Calums POV.

"Calummmmmmm" De said as we made our way to the beach.

"What is it de.." I asked knowing she wanted something.

"Can you give me a piggy back ride I'm tired." She asked batting her eyelashes. I couldn't resist.

"Get on." I said rolling my eyes and then bent over so she could reach. She hopped on and giggled. God her giggle. She was so freaking cute.

The boys all laughed. A fan came running up to us and a few other girls did too and screamed about me and De and all wanted pictures. I could feel De's grip on me tightening and I stiffened up. Whatever happened to her most have been absolutely horrible. And I felt terrible about it.

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