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Quick a/n.. Guys holy shiz last time I checked we had like 200 reads, now we almost have 400. I dropped my laptop when I saw.... And also, sorry in advance for the crappy chapter.. Hehe. One more thing, I'm actually gonna start putting dates once and a while throughout the book.

Calum's POV. December-22

We've been on break for a week now and at this point I'm having mixed emotions. Spending time with my family is great, I'm so happy, I've gotten to spend time with my parents and with Mali. But something is missing. And it's Delilah.

We talk everyother day or so. I don't think she misses me. She says she does and all, but not everyone says what they mean. And even if she does miss me, it's not like I miss her. I miss her like crazy, her jokes, her laugh, her smile, her sarcasm, her voice, our conversations, her face, everything. It seems pathetic and it is, but when you spend 4 months with a person, and see and talk to them everyday, it's different when you don't.

Mali and I were talking about her yesterday. She could tell I liked her by the way I talked about her. Is t that obvious. The sad thing is I don't think she likes me back. I'm to afraid to mention it again. It seems like every time we do, we fight, or we act like its nothing. She seems like she's having a blast at home. She's been tweeting about the funny thing Rae says, or where all they have gone. She probably doesn't think of me at all. I'll text her.

Cal🐸🐥: hi De! Just checking in. How's everything going?

De🐦😝: hi cal😊. It's going pretty good. Wanna FaceTime?

Cal🐸😝: sure do I FaceTime your phone or laptop?

De🐦😝: laptop.

I call her laptop FaceTime and after a few rings she picks up.

"Hi!" She says as her face pops up on the screen.

"Hi." I say as I look down.

We talk about Christmas for a while before I see Rae come in her room. She sniffs and De turns around and goes up to her.

"Hey bug, why are you crying?" She says wiping a tear from her cheek.

She sniffs again before holding out her arms to get Delilah to carry her. She picks her up. "Willow yelled at me." She says sniffing.

Delilah rolls her eyes. "Just ignore her. Wanna say hi to Calum?" She asks.

Rae's red light up and she nods her head vigorously causing me to let out a laugh.

Delilah sits back at her desk with Rae on her lap. "Hi collom!" She said to me smiling.

"Hi cutie. Are you ready for Christmas?" I ask Rae. And she nods again.

"Looks like we both have company now." Delilah says. I turn around and Ashton, Luke and Michael all come in carrying a box of pizza.

"We brought food!" They yell.
"Oh hi Delilah and Rae!" Ashton says smiling.

They ask Rae some questions but she just nuzzles her head into De's neck. Which is actually pretty cute.

"Why are you so shy all of the sudden bug? You don't do that to Calum." De states. And I laugh.

"She just likes me better than you guys." I laugh sticking my tongue out.

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