Fixed problems and confessions.

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I was walking to the venue when I heard someone call my name.

Someone with a camera.. Also known as paparazzi.

"I saw Calum storm out of the tour bus earlier. Did you two have a fight?" He asked shoving the camera on my face.

"Mind your own business buddy."
I snapped and kept walking as I put my sunglasses on my face and put my head down.

"Sorry miss. It's my job. So you and Calum are dating then?" He asked catching up to me.

"No we are not. Leave me alone." I sneered.

"No can do. When are you making it official?" He Asked.

"Never. Now fúck off." I said clenching my teeth.

"It's my job Hun. When Calum-"

"Aye! She told you to leave her alone! Now fúck off buddy, before I do something stupid." Someone said behind me and I recognized his voice.

I heard the paparazzi mutter something about publicity but I kept me head down and kept walking. I heard footsteps get louder, then felt the presence of someone.

"Delilah I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have stormed out knowing the paparazzi were outside, nor should I have done it anyway. I didn't mean to snap, or yell, or hurt you. Or put you in that place. I guess I just needed to hear it for myself." He said and I looked up meeting his dark eyes.

His eyes were puffy, his hair was messy, and he hadn't changed. I probably looked worse so who am I to judge but... Yeah.

"It's alright Calum."

"No it's not De. I know you." He said.

"Fine. Yea it hurt. And I'm sorry for being rude. I just got tired of being ignored. I shouldn't have brought it up." I exclaimed as we made our way into the building.

He followed me into my dressing room and sat down beside me.

"I meant what I said Delilah."

I looked at him confused as to what he was saying.

"I like you a lot. Now that I know you don't like me back hurts but I won't stop. I can't." He exclaimed running his hands through his already messed up hair. We were face to face. And I looked up at him and want his eyes.

"I'm sorry Calum."

"You shouldn't be sorry Delilah you were just asking why I was ignoring you." He sighed.

"No Calum not in that way."

He looked at me giving me a confused face.

"I'm sorry I didn't respond and I say I like you to." I said looking down.

"W-what?" He stuttered.

"I like you Calum." I whispered.

"But t-the interviews and all the paparazzi..-"

"I thought you didn't like me back, I didn't want to embarrass myself." I interrupted him.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He whispered putting his hands on my waist and bring me closer to him.

"I didn't know what to do." I said.

I was about to say something but something stopped me. Calums lips on mine to be exact. I felt something I had never felt before. Like fire. Racing through my heart, and veins. Then exploding in my stomach. It surprised me at first. But once I realized what had happened I kissed back. It was gentle. And loving. Like he didn't want to hurt me. No tongue, no butt, just lips. And man, did I like it. He pulled me closer to him and I pulled away from his lips.

"I've been wanting to do that for a long time." He whispered as he pulled me to his a warm embrace. He smelled amazing. Like a hint of mint, a bit of smoke, and cologne. The same my dad used to use. I couldn't help but smile into his chest.

Calums POV

She liked me. Delilah liked me. She was about to say something else but I slammed my lips onto hers and pulled her close. She stepped back at first in surprise. But loosened up and kissed back. It felt like I had swallowed a volcano. My insides were on fire. Adrenaline rushed through me. She pulled away and I pulled her to my chest resting him on her head.

"I've been wanting to do that for a long time." I whispered. I couldn't feel her smile against my chest and I couldn't help but smile as well. I pulled away.

"I need to get ready for soundcheck." I sighed.

She nodded and let go of me. I left the room and walked to our dressing room.

The boys were all waiting on the couch.

They looked at me and cocked their eyebrows.

"I kissed her." I blurted out. And my eyes widened in surprise and so did Ashton, Luke, and Michael.

"You what?" Ashton asked.

"I kissed Delilah." I breathed.

"Just about two hours ago she called me, crying because you hurt her. And now you guys lip-locked?" Michael asked. Shît. I didn't know i made her that upset.

I told the boys everything from when I stated to like her to the seconds leading up to this.

They all listened to what I had to say nt by the end they all had huge grins across their face.

"Dang Cal." Ashton said looking impressed.

"Score!" Luke said.

"Nice mate! But listen if you hurt her and she comes running back to me one more time I will make sure you never had little cals. Got it?" Michael asked, coming up to my face.

I gulped. "Got it Mate." I said. We all talked about it for awhile until Delilah came in saying how she was bored and lonely.

We played video games until she had to go onstage. She was perfect as usual and played with a smile on her face the whole time. As did I.

We got back to the bus and the second I got my head on my pillow I passed out. Thinking about the girl who liked me back.


Dalum af.

So yeah they both confessed. They like each other. Annddd they kissed. *smirks*

Calums gonna beet up the paparazzi.

Michaels gonna prevent little cal-pals from running all over.

Luke and Ashton can cuddle.

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