Yet i dont regret a thing.

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It was another night with a show. I had just got finished getting my hair and make up done and I was about to walk to the boys' dressings room. I walked down the hall and just as I was about to knock the door opened.

"Oh hey De, I was actually just gonna go get you." Calum chuckled nervously.
I laughed and he let me in. The boys were listening to sail and were jumping around like lunatics. Calum day on the couch and I followed him sitting next to him. The boys followed our actions and somehow managed to sit with us on the same couch, we'll sort of.. Once Ashton said down last I needed up falling off, until I felt someone grab my waist.

Calum lifted me back up and I was now on his lap. It was so awkward. I laughed nervously and thanked him and we stayed like that until I had to go on stage. I sang Royals, then sea of lovers and last summertime sadness. I was in middle of my last song when j looked over. Calum was staring at me and smiling, he blushed and looked away and I looked away as well putting my focus back on the song. The song ended and cheers erupted from the crowd. It seemed like we all had a bit more energy than usual.

The boys went on and were amazing as usual. "Hey how bout we go out to a club tonight? We haven't done that sense forever and I'm actually not the tired tonight." Ashton suggested.

He got a chorused 'yeah!' from the four of of us and we headed off. Once we got here I ended up talking to Luke for a while. We got a beer and just kept talking about normal things. About every five minutes Calum would come up to me, drunk out of his mind I must add, and ask me to dance with him. He could barely walk. I rejected every time until it was about 1:00 and I decided to be Michel.

With the help of Luke, Michael and I we got the very drunk Calum and Ashton to the car. (mostly Calum, considering Ashton could still walk)

Since Luke and I had a drink we couldn't drive and obviously Calum and Ashton couldn't so Michael drove us back to the bus. I managed to get the guys through our suit cases and into the bunk room.

We would be leaving for a hotel, after we traveled tonight, and would be staying there for a little over a week.
I went to crawl in to bed until I heard a small grumble from Calum. I looked at him and met his eyes, as he laid down in his bottom bunk. (Since he was to drunk to get on top)

"Deeeee" he slurred.

"What Calum?" I asked.

"I'm cold." He stated with a blank look on his face.

"Good for you Calum, grab another blanket." I said rolling my eyes.

"But I wanna cuddle." He pouted, causing me to bite my lip so I wouldn't laugh.

"I'll go get Michael." I said. Climbing down.

"But I wanna cuddle with youuuu. Please Lilah? Will you?" He asked whining. I didn't even know why I was doing this, he was drunk out of his mind, but he did look cute.

"Ugh, Calum your lucky." I mumbled, as I crawled out of my bed. He put his arms out and I crawled into his bed. He wrapped his arms around me securely and I blushed at his touch.

"Thank you de." He whispered and I felt his breath against my neck. I blushed yet again thankful that he couldn't see. Is this wrong? Sleeping next to him? He's drunk. This is so wrong. But he's so warm. I listen to his steady heartbeat and breathing. I closed my eyes. It probably is wrong.

Yet I don't regret a thing.


Ugh sorry we didn't update yesterday. We had a concert and it lasted until 10:00. Here's a short chapter, and I'll try to write a long one later tonight. Sorry for how crappy it is. Forgive me:)

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