A/n Playlists

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So We're gonna start off with a really small "playlist" sort of thing, they will be songs we had in the book, or our favourite songs.

Songs we mentioned in the books (could me more, oops.)
1) Stronger- Kelly Clarkson

2)Happily Ever After- He is we

3) The one that got away- Katy Perry

4)American idiot- Greenday

5) summer time sadness-

6) kiss it all better- He is we.

7) burn- Ellie Goulding

8) Stone cold- Demi Lovato

9) I wouldn't mind- He is we

Some of D's favourite songs (not in order)
10) Olivia- one direction (cause that song is bae-D)

11) teenage dirtbag- Wheatus

12) Kids in the dark - All time low

13) Queen of hearts- We the kings

14) Old scars/ future hearts- all time low

15) stay- mayday parade

Some of E's favourite songs (not in order)

16) Stacys mom- Fountain of Wayn

17) Skinny love- birdy

18) Alphabet boy- Melanie Martinez

19) Figure me out- The Summer set

20) temporary fix- one direction

Thank y'all for reading <3

One more update to the book!!!!

Love you!!!

E and D <3

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