Recordings, and sweet fans.

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"De, wake up you have recordings today."


"De, I'll get you chocolate if you do."

"Fine." I mumble.



"You owe me chocolate." I saw as I get up. He chuckles as I get my clothes and head to the bathroom to change. I change and add just a pit of cover up and mascara.

"Morning de."

"Morning Delilah."

"Good morning."

"I owe you chocolate."

I hear the four boys say as I head into the kitchen. I giggle and say good morning back before grabbing some coffee and cereal.

"De, we have to go or we're gonna be late. Are you ready?" Ashton asks.

"Yup." I say and Ashton and Luke grab their jackets and head out, with me following. "By guys!" I say to Michael, and Calum. They wave goodbye and we leave. The u.k is so pretty. Being honest with you I have absolutely no idea where we are, but somewhere nice. It's cold, but also sunny.

We get in the van and Ashton said he could drive us since we don't know where our driver is. Luke decided to sit with me in the back. I see him text someone and if my girl senses are correct, he is texting a girl. He looks up and I wiggle my eyebrows.

"Who's that your texting lukey?" I add smirking.

"Just a girl." Ashton says smirking as well.

"Ooooo" "what girl?" I ask him.

"Nobodyyyyyy" he says dragging the 'y'

"Nobody my a$$ hemmings. Who is it?" I say.

"It's a girl," he says but interrupt him.

"I knew it!" I yell earning a glare from Luke.

"Anyways.... She's a girl." He says.

"Do you like her?" I ask.

"Well I've only met her like 3 times but I think I do." He says blushing. That is so cute oh my lordy. I'm so happy for him.

I was about to ask what her name was but we arrived at the recording place.
We all got out and I went inside first with the boys following.

I was told I would be recording the back-ups to my songs kiss it all better, burn, stronger, and stone cold.

"Stone cold is your newest one right?" One of the helpers asked. I nodded my head and entered the recording booth.

After about 45 minutes I finally finished the backups and he as told I was done for now. They had Ashton and Luke record some backups and other songs they had solos in and by the time they were done they had been singing for about an hour and a half.

"What time is it?" Ashton asked coming out to get a drink.

I checked my phone.

"12:47" I said. He said an 'okay thank you' then I was told I would have to go back in again. This time I recorded all of the songs and their main lyrics. Not the back-ups. And it took almost two hours. I was pretty new at this but they didn't seem to mind. We finally ended and it was almost three o-clock by the time we exited the door.

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