Plane rides, and deep conversations.

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January 7th

"Delilah, your alarm just went off we need to get up."


"Neither do I but your is starting up today for the U.S.!" Evelyn exclaimed.

I groaned but got up and began to get ready. I had packed the night before so I didn't need to pack much this morning.

"Eve, can you pass me my clothes?" I asked.

She nodded and handed me the clothes I had laid out the night before. I pulled on my light coloured jeans and a grey sweater, with a matching grey sweater beanie.  I then put on some combat boots and then did my makeup slightly.

I heard a knock on the door and it slightly opened a crack.

"Are you guys decent?" I heard Calum asked.

"Yup." I replied.

"Hi sunshine." Calum said coming in the room and wrapping his arms around me.

"Hi." I said quietly taking in his scent.

Like always he smelled my cologne and a bit of mint. With a slight smell of his body wash from his shower this morning.

"Are you guys almost ready to go? We have to be at the airport by 8:00." He explained and we nodded.

I pulled away and grabbed my bags as I started to head out the door. Evelyn followed and we put or stuff in he back of the van with the help of Ashton and Calum.

"Alright is everyone ready?" Michael asked coming out of the house.

"Yup!" We all chorused and climbed into the car.

Michael climbed in the drivers seat, Ashton sat in the passenger, Luke climbed in the middle seat next to Evelyn who was on his left, and Calum and I went to the last row of seats in the back.

"How long is the plane ride?" I asked.

"I think our manager said 6hours." Replied Ashton and I nodded.

"Wait where are we going again?" Asked Evelyn and Luke chuckled.

"New York city." He replied.

Once we got to the airport we grabbed our bags and made it inside, only to be meted by once again, another swarm of fans.

"Hi Delilah!"

"Are you ready for your to start?"

"Michael your so hot!"

"Can I get a picture?"

"Wait who's that girl besides Luke and Delilah?"

I looked at Evelyn who was beside me and she looked kind of frightened. At this point I was used to the swarms but this was her first. I felt so bad for her. I knew how scared I was my first time, but she'll have to get used to it like j did.

She was holding onto mine and Luke's arm. I'm sure the comments from both of our fansweren't helping either. Once we made it through security u let go of Evelyn and made my way to Calum who put his arm around my waist and smiled.

I returned the gesture and we both made our way to the waiting area for the plane.

The 6 of us made our way into seats and j soon found myself falling asleep on Calums shoulder,

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