Miss Jackson

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Delilah's POV
I stopped the recording and set my guitar down. I had just finished covering Miss Jackson - Panic! at the Disco and was getting ready to edit it. I had finally finished editing the video and posted it to my YouTube account. I sat down on my bed and soon dozed off. I woke up to my 6 year old sister, Rae.
"Dalilah!" She called, "Mommy made supper so wake up!" She exclaimed tugging on shirt.

I groan as I get up and she grabs my hand as we head downstairs. We had a close relationship and I really couldn't be more thankful.

I help Rae onto her seat and sit by my older sister willow, who was 20. She was taking college classes at our community college. "Mom made spaghetti." She stated.

I nod as my mom comes in the dining room with the bowl of spaghetti in her hand. She sits down and we begin to talk about her job,school, and my music.

"I uploaded a cover today." I say to my mom.

"Oh you did sweetie? What song was it?" Mom asked

"Miss Jackson."I say.

"I love that song! Your dad and I used to listed to it, he would be so proud of you right Now."she says with a sad smile.

My dad died from a car accident three years ago. It was hard on all of us for the longest time and still sometimes is.

I smile back at her and finish my dinner. I help Willow clean the dishes and head upstairs. Seeing as It was 8:30 I decide to take a shower.

Once I'm done I change into Pyjamas and watch tv. After an episode of Walking Dead I head upstairs. I'm quiet as I go upstairs due to everyone else being asleep already. I check my phone and I look at my cover.

Almost 1000 views! 

Holy Shît.

I think to myself. I don't know how I got that much but I'm not gonna complain. I watch YouTube for a while because I really only have one friend and she's probably busy with her boyfriend. I decide to check Instagram before I go to bed. I got a DM and clicked on it before I realised Michael Clifford from 5 seconds of summer was the one who sent me the DM.

I wasn't a huge fan of them I only knew a few songs but I did know that they were very good. I click on the message.

"Hello, this is Michael Clifford from 5seconds of summer, if you don't already know who I am. The boys and I found your cover of Miss Jackson on YouTube and you absolutely blew us away! Our Manager has been looking for someone to go on tour with us in 2 weeks and we were wondering if you could come with us? If you could give us your number we could have our manger talk to your parents and or guardian to sort out the details. We understand you are young and might not be ready for this big of a step, but please consider it. Thank you."

I reread it a few times and check to make sure it's really him. I can't believe this! Me going on tour! I didn't think I was good enough.. I decide to tell my mom in the morning so I don't wake her. I respond back with an 'I'll think about it here is my number call in the morning.' And a big thank you. I tried to act cool but man did I fail. I sound like a fan girl.

I try to get some sleep but all i can think about is the tour I might go on. I can't believe this is actually happening! My head was spinning and I stayed up for a few hours after that not being able to sleep because of how excited I was to tell my mom. I look at the clock once more. 3:48. I realise how tired I am and doze off dreaming about the tour.

Authors note:)
Thank you guys for reading me and my co writer wrote this chapter together, and we hope you like it. We're sorry it's probably crappy but it will get better. We will try to update as much as we can. Thank you again!!! - E and D

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