New tattoos and hashtags.

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I woke up in my bunk andgot on my phone checking Instagram and Twitter. I've had Twitter it's just I never got on it. I looked at the screen to see it was 9:00 so I thought I would get out of bed.

"Morning de!" Michael and Calum chorused. As I walked out of the bunk room.

"Morning guys." I replied.

They chuckled as I got a cup of coffee and sat down in the middle of them.

"Where's Luke and ash?" I asked. Once I realized I hadn't seen them this morning.

"They're in the back watching tv or something." Calum responded and I laughed. I felt the bus stop and heard our driver yell,

"Hey! Morning you all! We have arrived. We'll be traveling in two days so I'll see you then. Have fun!" He said and left, after we all said goodbye.

"Guysss" I said.

"What?" Calum asked.

" I wanna do something today. Something fun." I said smiling.

Calums POV. (Sorry the POV change is kinda in the middle of nowhere)

"Guysss" de said as she stretched out.

"What?" I asked looking at her. Man she was gorgeous. Her hair flowed over her shoulders and her dark brown eyes were shining and I could tell she was excited about something.

"I wanna do something today. Something fun." She said as her smile glimmered.

"Hmmm like what?" I asked.

"Something exciting." She smiled. "Or something I don't really care." She said.

"Eh.... How bout we go get tattoos? I was kinda wanting a new one." Michael suggested.

Her eyes lit up and I couldn't help but chuckle.

"Yes oh my gosh!" She said smiling brightly.

"I'm down." I said. We all agreed and told Ashton and Luke. They didn't want anything and were to lazy to get up so they stayed behind.

We were walking to the tattoo and piercing parlor. Delilah was in between me and Michael, who was talking about what he wanted to get.

"I think I wanna get two." De stated

"Ones gonna be a butterfly. For Lauren." She said.

Michael and I both looked at her implying we didn't understand.

"She always said that butterfly's were people from heaven visiting you. Whenever we would go out to the park she always saw one. I can only think about 3 times where we didn't and it's because it was raining. But she was obsessed with them. She'dfine one, and they'd always land on her. Always. She'd talk to them like they were real people. I guess they are." She said slightly smiling at some of her memories.

I squeezed her hand for reassurance, and I never really let go. I didn't want to.

"What's the other one gonna be?" Michael asked. Trying to change the subject a tad, without being rude.

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