Mystery girls and appologies.

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I groaned as sunlight shown through my eyelids as I tried to sleep. I opened my eyes and reached for my phone. I cringed thinking about last night once I saw my lock screen, it was Calum, Rae and I. When we went to Lauren's funeral we had went to the park. Rae was in the middle holding Calums hand and holding my hand. You couldn't see anything just a silhouette and the sunset. We had has a stranger take the photo when we were about to leave he looked at me and said "he's a keeper sweetie." And left. I smiled thinking about the memory but it soon faded thinking about last night.

I had Almost relapsed. Almost. But I had swallowed pills, enough to kill me. But I thought of everyone who has been there for me, even Calum before last night. And for some reason I knew it wasn't right. So I gagged myself and threw everything up. I shuddered thinking more about it, but climbed out of my bunk, and into the bathroom.

I looked so bad. Tears filled my eyes. I had never been super confident. I was until Evan. He ruined that for me too. He ruined a lot of things. I splashed cold water on my face before putting on makeup to cover up my swollen eyes. By the time I was done, i looked like a regular ugly person, instead of a regular ugly person who had been crying. I sighed as I exited the bathroom.

Michael smiled at me, while Luke and Ashton were on their phones.

"Hi Delilah." He said. I giggled and Ashton looked up.

"Good morning." He said smiling.

"Morning guys." I said smiling.
They really did make me feel better.

"He, went out for a while." Ashton said quietly, implying Calum. I nodded my head not wanting to think about him, and made my way over to the table where Michael was sitting.

"Do you want to do anything today before soundcheck?" Michael asked.

"I don't really know, what about the hate?" I asked.

"Check on Twitter Delilah." Ashton said. I gulped and nodded.


Was trending. Wow two hashtags had been trending about me in the last 12 hours.

I looked at it going the ought the pictures.

"I'm so glad she's strong. #welovedelilah"

"Look how perfect she is! #welovedelilah"

"Probably the best woman I know #welovedelilah"

" we all love you Delilah. #welovedelilah"

" Can we all just take a moment for our queen. How could you ever disrespect her. She's way better than all of us. You guys are all jealous. Just deal with it. Delilah slays. #welovedelilah"

Those were only five of them. They their were millions more. I smiled and so did the boys. Besides Luke.

"Wait how about we go shopping!" I suggested. I needed new clothes.

They all groaned.

"Pleeassseeeeee." I begged.

"I'll go." Said Luke talking for the first time today.

I squealed and ran to the bunk room to change and get shoes on.

They all laughed at me.

"Ready?" Luke smiled pulling on a beanie.

"Yup." I said running out the door.

We decided to walk seeing as it was a nice day, and started to get to down town.

"So Luke.." I started.


"Who had you been texting? Cause lately that's all you do." I asked.

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