A little comfort.

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Quick authors note. So this might be triggering, idk it mentions suicide... It might be a tad sad..Or maybe it won't be cause I suck at writing...

I was recording my new song, Royals, when I was called out of the recording booth.
"Someone is calling you." Jimmy said.

I thanked him and grabbed my phone hitting accept, and heading to the room where Calum was.


"Hi," they breathed "Delilah?"

"Ali?" I asked? Ali was Lauren's little sister. Why was she calling me??

"I'm so sorry." She cried.

"Al, what's wrong are you okay." I said starting to get worried. Calum looked at me his eyebrows furrowed.

"N-no, I'm not Lauren...." She started to say.

"WHAT HAPPENED TO LAUREN ALI TELL ME." I was now yelling, Calum stood up and was watching now.

"Sh-Shes dead." She said crying.

My hearts dropped."n-no no she's not Ali stop, playing games." I said tearing up.

"Sh-she couldn't handle it. The s-stress, everything." She stopped to cry some more. "No!" I screamed. Calum ran to me holding my sides to steady me. My legs felt like jelly.

"She committed Suicide, Delilah. She's gone." I started to sob, yelling and screaming. Calum held me to his chest as I fell to the ground. He stroked my hair, and rubbed my back while i sobbed in his shirt.

"Not this again. No, no, no!" I just wanted to die, and be with Lauren.
"It's all my fault, i shouldn't have left."
I cried more. I heard the door open to the room I was in as I looked up. Michael was standing in the door way. He opened his arms and i stood up only to almost fall again but Michael caught me.

He swayed us back in forth, my sobbing still uncontrollable. I lost my friend, my only real friend and it's all because of me. He picked me up and sat me down on his lap. All he did was let me cry. And I was okay with that.

I heard Luke and Ashton come in a few minutes later. I knew that asked what was wrong. I heard Calum mumble something but my sobs out-did his half explanation.

"De you need to get up, Michaels gonna grab your things and we're gonna head back on the bus okay?." I recognized Calum's voice. He sighed and I soon found myself getting picked up once again. I kept my eyes closed, not wanting to see anything but darkness.

He carried me back to the bus and sat me on his lap while I continued to cry. The last time I cried like this was when my dad had died. I found out just like I did Lauren.. Over the phone. I heard the other three boys come in, and heard them shuffling around.
"We're gonna go get a few things we need before we take off again in a few days, are you okay to stay here with De?" Ashton asked Calum.
I felt him nod his head and I pushed my face more in his chest. I felt like I had been hit by a bus. I was getting comforted by someone who didn't even know what was happening, and overtop of that I killed my best friend. Not exactly, but if I wouldn't have left she would still be alive right now.

I felt him shift me around on the couch to where I was laying down and i could feel him laying next to me. My face still buried in his chest. I opened my eyes and he was staring at me, with hurt in his eyes probably for me.

"I know your tired De, please go to bed. Your gonna be okay." He said soothingly. I nodded and fell into a much needed slumber.


Calum's POV

My heart hurt for Delilah. She was one of the happiest person I knew and now all i could see was a small girl sleeping in my arms, with stained cheeks, looking as broke as ever. It hurt to see her like this, I couldn't even image what she must be feeling.

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