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Calums POV

After the show the boys and I all changed our cloths. We were waiting outside Delilah's dressing room, waiting for her to come out so we could head to a club, to celebrate our first show with Delilah. She walked out in the same cloths she performed in but her hair was tied in a curly pony tail instead of down and curled.

Michael smiled at her and took her arm leading her out the door. The second we got outside fans swarmed all around
Us. I grabbed Delilahs arm and Ashton headed up front. He pushed passed them trying to be nice. Someone kept grabbing for Delilah and I was getting mad. Don't fans understand anything about personal space? I pulled her closer to me and so did Michael. Luke watched behind us to make sure nothing happened behind our backs, as we headed toward the van.
"You okay?" I Asked Delilah.

"Yah I'm fine I'm just still not used to all of that yet." She breathed out laughing a tad.

I nodded my head understanding, and look out the window. I saw Palm trees, beaches, people walking around laughing, and a clear sky. Michael, and Luke were talking to Delilah, while Ashton was up front, giggling about something with the driver. Once we got here, we ran inside fast, avoiding any fans who could possibly see us. We came in and all grabbed a drink. Since we were all legal to drink now, we all grabbed a beer and began to drink except myself because I needed to drive home because we wouldn't have a driver.I watched Delilah and Ashton dance and talk while Michael and Luke were talking to me about some weird stuff. Within in hour they were all drunk.
At 12:30 I decided we should go so i dragged, Michael and Ashton to the front. Luke was now dancing with a very drunk Delilah. She was talking about narwhals and ketchup when I went up to them. She looked at me, kissed my cheek and ran away off to Michael giggling. Luke giggled whispered something in my ear about ketchup, giggled and ran away with Delilah. I knew I was blushing but brushed it off once I realised how drunk Delilah was. I lead them to the car, we were immediately surrounded by paparazzi questioning us all. I gripped Delilah's hand and tried to keep Luke from looking Drunk in the pictures.. I somehow managed to get all four of them in the car and turned the radio on.

"AND THE TRUMPETS THEY GO.... DO DO DODODODO DO DO DODODODO DO DO DODODODO...." They all yelled over the radio. I shut it off and told them to be quiet so they all started to fake cry. I looked in my mirror to see a fast asleep Delilah and three pouting boys....

Once we reached the hotel I parked the van, and looked for paparazzi. Clear. I got Ashton (the most stable one) to help Luke in, Michele out of the car, and picked up Delilah bridal style. She snuggled her head against my chest and I bit my lip holding in a laugh.

We reached our room and Ashton, Michael, and Luke all went straight to bed. I put Delilah on her bed and covered her with a blanket. I whispered goodnight and went off the my room.


I woke up and looked out the window of our hotel room. It was bright, and sunny. I checked the time 9:37.
I got a shower, and changed into my cloths for the day. I walked out to see a very hungover, Luke,, Michael, and Calum. I asked where Delilah was and they groaned a 'still asleep.' I grabbed a cup of water and an Advil ( Idk what you guys call it where you might live but we call it Advil.)knowing she would have a headache. I quietly knocked on her door and walked in. She was sleeping like she always does something I noticed by the second night She was here. I woke her up lightly and she smiled but it soon turned into a frown.

"Caallummmm I have a headacheee."
She whined to Me. I chuckled and hanged her the Advil, and the water.

"That's what happens whine you have a hangover Delilah." I said sarcastically.

"Well duh. Thank you for he Advil though my head is killing me." She thanked me getting up and getting some cloths. I left her room and closed he door so she could change.

She ended up taking a shower so by the time she got out it was almost 11:30. We packed our stuff and headed on the tour bus. Our next show would be tonight, and I was more than excited.
One, i love preforming and two I love to see her preforming. We relaxed most of the day on the bus, watching movies and eating popcorn until it was time for sound check.

She sang Burn, Stronger, and one other song I didn't know. Like yesterday night she was absolutely amazing. And even better this time...she wasn't as nervous. The boys and I were so blessed we found her, nobody else could handle us as well as she did

Authors note... Okay so I wanna start off with another I'm sorry for not updating. D and I will update this weekend.
Another... All credits go to
Elli Goulding (if that's how you spell it) and Kelly Clarkson. If you could, comment songs, that are sung my female artists, for me. That would be great. One last thing I need to clear out is their ages. I'm just gonna say you have to be 18 to drink and Delilah would have been a senior so she's gonna be 18 for future reference. Thanks again for reading


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