3 months

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3 months.
3 months out of 9 that we've been on tour.
3 months full of laughter, smiles, music, and thinking about Calum.

Honestly, it's all I do. I can't stop. He's like a drug, and I'm the drug addict.
As much as he makes me happy it also hurts.

It hurts to know that he doesn't like me like I like him.

I've liked him more than I've liked any of my other past boyfriends, yet we aren't even dating. It hurts.

I cringe thinking about my ex-boyfriend, Evan. Cruel, sick, loud, and not forgiven are the words that come to mind. He ruined me. He ruined how I think about things in life, and how I live.

My thoughts were thankfully interrupted by a text,

To Delilah: Good morning De 😊
I left early this morning from your room and into mine for a shower.
We have an interview at 12:00. If you want to come meet the boys at our room around 11:00 so we can go out to eat first. XX

I texted him back saying that I was gonna go, and went to get ready. Seeing as it was 9:30 I decided I would have time for a shower.

Calum's POV.

I had just texted Delilah when Luke came up to me. I was sitting on the couch and he sat down beside me.

"Were you just texting de?" He asked.

"Yeah?" I answered but it kinda sounded like a question he just nodded.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked.

"Calum your gonna hate me when I tell you but I might like De." He said.

"You what?"

"I might like Delilah. Look I know you like her and I'm sorry it's just she just an amazing person overall and she's hot." He said. I couldn't believe him. I had told the boys a few days ago about my feeling for Delilah. And now he has feeling for her? Just because she is a good person and she's hot?

I mean yeah it's true but that's not why I like her. I like her because of how strong she is, and her relaxing voice, and her dark brown eyes that I get lost in like I would in an ocean. Her smile, it's so bright it could blind someone, her laugh. Oh god her laugh. It could bring the dead back to life, and heal anyone who was sad, her laugh makes me laugh. It makes me smile. Who couldn't love it? I could go on forever.

But I was furious. How could he? I love him to death, he's my brother but this ticked me off. I slammed my phone down and stood up. Cursing.
"All I said was that she's hot and an overall amazing person. You don't have to act like I commented a crime." He yelled. I yelled back and we yelled at each other until Ashton and Michael joined in. We ended up talking about it for a while. After 15 good minutes of arguing, He ended up apologising and so did I. I did over react a bit.

Luke obviously couldn't control what he felt but i was still upset. He said he would try to look for another girl. And I said I would help. We weren't back to normal but we at least we weren't hating each other at the moment. I realised de hadn't come yet and it was almost 11 so I went to go fine her.

Delilahs POV

Why did he put those blushy faces? Did it mean something? I thought as the hot water ran down my back.

I got out and dried my hair. I straightened my hair, put on my makeup, and got on my clothes for the day. I was almost ready to go. I grabbed my shoes, my room key, and some money, then looked in the mirror.

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