Back home.

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I woke up to American idiot blasting in my ear. The boys groaned and turned over. Except for Calum. He groaned as well but got out of bed just as I did.

"What time is it?" Calum whispered making sure not to re-wake the guys.

"6:00" I replied just as quiet.

He nodded and we finished getting our clothes. He let me go to the bathroom first. And I did my makeup and changed into my clothes. I was wearing a grey sweatshirt with Reject written on the middle and black leggings. I came out and he went in getting ready as well.


I put on my sunglasses grabbed my bags I would need for the next 3 days, and my converse. Calum grabbed his bags and some sunglasses. And we headed to the car.

Or driver got our bags, and we headed into the air port. We were bombarded with 100's of fans. Calum had tweeted about us going back for a while, and I guess the fans liked that.

We had a week off anyway so it's not like we were skipping any shows. I had skipped some but Calum hadn't.

A security guard arrived and made a path through the crowd. A few more came and backed up the fans. I put my sunglasses on and we headed to the gate. On our way we grabbed coffee, and a snack. "You okay De?" Calum asked me.

"Yeah I'm fine still upset though." I said. I began to feel my eyes get watery and I fanned my eyes so I wouldn't cry.

"You shouldn't have to go through this Delilah. I'm sorry." He said coming in for a hug.

I accepted the hug and he squeezed me tighter. I wrapped my arms around his waist and we hugged for another few seconds until I pushed away. I sat down and he sat down beside me. A fan came up to us after a while,

"I sorry to disturb you guys I just wanted to let you know you guys saved my lives. Both of you. Thank you." She said. She was maybe 13 or so but what she said really made me happy.

"Awe your so sweet." Calum said.
"Do you want a picture or an autograph or both?" He asked her.

"None I just wanted to say that." She said.

We began to talk a while and she told us about her and how she was going on the same flight as us. She was meeting her dad, and would be riding the plane alone. Once the plane said we were going to be boarding soon, I had her give me her Instagram despite her protests. She said she didn't want anything from us but I insisted.

Calum went to go give her a hug but her sleeves rolled up just alittle. But it was enough. She pulled away and went to me. I gave her a hug but when she pulled away a kept a hold of her hand. I rolled her sleeves up as she looked down at me. I traced every cut she had on her small arm and saw one that was awfully large. It could have killed her.
She looked at me with her glossy eyes.

"Don't be ashamed. I used to do it to. Just know it gets better. Do whatever makes you happy and never let it get away." I said to her giving one more hug. Calum looked sad Almost. For the girl probably. Just like I was. No one should go through that, especially not that young. 

We heard our plane get called and began to board first seeing as we were going in first class. We boarded and sat down. I began to shake. I was still scared of planes and I hadn't really thought of it until the engine started on the plane. Calum looked at me.

"I didn't know you were afraid of planes." He said quietly.

"Only Michael knows. I was to embarrassed to tell you." I said looking down so I didn't have to look at him.

"Don't be embarrassed De. I used to be really afraid until our first tour." He said reassuringly.

I nodded my head and shut my eyes as we began to take off. I felt him put his hand on my knee and I silently thanked him for that.

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