Air plane rides and new frights

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Delilah's POV.

"Delilah wake up!"

I groan and turn over in my seat.

"She won't wake up, Calum, help me."

"What should I do?" I hear Calum ask Michael. I was awake I just didn't want to move.

"I don't know mate just do something." Michael responds.

"Hey Delilah, were at the airport can you get up?" I groan again.. But get up this time to see Calum right next me. I'm not gonna lie he was cute. They all were.

"Whatcha staring at?" He asks with a slight smirk.

"Definitely not you." I said with a bit of attitude.

"I got your bags c'mon or were gonna miss our flight." He says to me.

"Okay, want me to take my bags back?"I ask, feeling guilty.

"No it's all good you're tired anyway." He said with a sweet smile.

"Okay let's get going."

We get inside the airport and spot the boys. They said they had grabbed the rest of my luggage while I was sleeping and its with theirs now. I just had my carry one now so I grabbed it from Calum. Boarding time wasn't for another 30 minutes because it got slightly delayed so we put our stuff down and sat.

"I think I saw a coffee shop down their anybody want any?" I asked. They all nodded besides jimmy (the manager).

"Ill come with you cause I don't know how you'll carry five coffees alone." He said nervously.."that is if your okay with that." I don't know why he was so nervous... I guess maybe he was always like that but oh well.

"Oh that'd be great, thanks Calum." I smiled showing my teeth,like I would if I was posing for a picture. He laughed a little, but stood up grabbing his wallet. I waited till he caught up with me and started to walk. We got to the small coffee shop he ordered some for the boys. "What do you want?" He asked me. "I'm buying for myself Calum." I said. "No your not Delilah." He said rather sternly. "She'll take a regular coffee with milk and sugar. Thank you" he nodded.

"CALUM?! One, i said I would pay.. And two, how did you that's my favorite?" I asked him.

" I was watching one of your Q and A's on your YouTube channel and someone asked what you liked in your coffee. I-I guess I just remember.." He nervously chuckled."oh okay lol well thank you for paying." I still felt bad. "It's fine, my p-pleasure." He replied. Why does he keep stuttering? We drank our coffee in the booth and talked about my YouTube account and how I play guitar for a while and decided we should head back.

Since we drank ours we didn't have to carry 5 coffees just 3 which was nice. He carried Ashton and Luke's and I carried Michaels.

"Jesus!! What took you guys so long?!!" Michael yelled. I flinched. I couldn't stand when people yell it kinda scares me. Ever since my ex-boyfriend Evan came along. Yelling was like my trigger. I think Michael realized once I flinched and took a step back. His face softened. "Sorry Delilah, I didn't mean to yell I just really wanted my coffee." He said apologetically.

"It's alright." I handed him his coffee and sat down putting my head phones in and listening to American idiot.
Luke tapped me on my shoulder a few minutes later.
"Boarding for first class just started lets go." He told me "O-okay" I said I didn't want to tell anyone I was afraid of planes, I didn't  really think about it until now. We got in the gate and boarded the plane.

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