Anjali’s POV

I was lost in my thoughts of the past, but then I heard a group of people chatting away in Hindi behind me.  Their funny conversation broke my trance as I could understand everything they were saying.  One of the guys in the group was the class clown and his sweet flirtatious voice made me smile.  The guy kept alternating between teasing and flirting with one of the women.  Listening to him made me smile and think of my brother-in-law Arjun.

Arjun is the family clown.  He’s usually the life of the party and you can’t help but smile whenever you meet with him.  He’s so much like my father-in-law, but funnier and livelier, he is his father’s son, just as Alex is his mother’s son.  Everyone comments on how handsome both brothers are, but that’s where the similarities stop.  They would both catch a woman’s eye in a bar, but for completely different reasons. 

Alex, is the dark haired, blue-eyed, olive skinned guy who is most likely to be in the quietest corner of the bar staring into his drink.  He’s oblivious to his surrounding and focused only on whoever he’s come with.  He’s the type who stays away from the storm.  But, it’s his quietness that draws you.  Because you can’t help but think when you look at him, what’s bothering him?  Even when’s he’s not bothered he looks like he’s brooding.  It’s that brooding look that makes a woman think I can change him; maybe I’m the one that will take his mind off of his thoughts.

Arjun on the other hand, is the guy in the middle of the bar that laughs loudly.  You can’t help but notice his mischievous smile, the thick gorgeous auburn hair, those dark chocolaty eyes that smile with him, and the smooth mocha skin that will make you want to reach out and touch him.  He’s the guy that flirts with anything that wears a skirt.  He has more pick-up lines than anyone I know, and even when they are cheesy, you can’t help but smile because of the way he says them, with such genuineness. 

He was the first person in Alex’, family that I met.  Alex and I had been dating for a while.  I was over at Alex’ place on a Friday evening and we heard a knock.  I looked up at Alex and he looked surprised because he wasn’t expecting anyone.  He opened the door and Arjun was standing there with a big smile.  He grabbed his older brother into a big bear hug.  And then proceeded to grab his duffle and push his way in.

“What are you doing here Arjun?”

“I’m visiting my big brother and his new girlfriend!” he said.

Arjun looked at me and smiled, “I’m so glad you’re already here otherwise I was going to make Amar take me to your place.”

Alex growled.  “Shouldn’t you be working seven days a week on your residency at Seattle hospital? Or did you get fired because they finally figured out you should be in a circus rather than holding a scalpel?”

Arjun ignored Alex and came over to me and grabbed my hand and lifted it to his lips, “So you are the beautiful Anjali.  Tarun cha cha didn’t do you justice; you’re even more beautiful than he described you.  So what are you doing with my fool of a brother?”

I looked at Alex amused and confused.  I didn’t know much about their relationship.

“Don’t answer that.  I’m here now, and you can forget about Amar now, no need to settle for second best now that I’m here.  We just needed him so that we could meet.  Actually, if your father had let you go to Stanford it would be me you’d be with and not Amar since I would have met you first.”

“How did you know I wanted to go to Stanford?” I asked curiously.

“Tarun cha cha, told me of course.  Just like I found out about you, since my wonderful older brother never calls me or cares enough to share anything about his life.  But, let’s go back to Stanford.  You know had you gone to Stanford we would have been freshmen together.  We would have met at school, you would have fallen in love with me, I would have proposed to you and we’d probably be married with a kid or two by now.”

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