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Okay - I'm really  trying to make up for the long absence.  I hope you're enjoying the frequent updates.  I'm writing quickly with no edits so please forgive the grammatical mistakes and the unedited writing.

Would love to hear from everyone.  What are you all thinking??  Should they act on their feelings or respect their vows?

I loved this song and I thought it really fit the chapter well.  What do you think?


Alex - Playing with Fire

The annual fundraiser for the Academy of NY School was held on a Saturday night and most of the parents were there to show how much they love their kids and support the school. In reality it was just an excuse for a party and another way to figure out who had more money. It was always a competition, even when it comes to fund raising. Another thing to brag about.

After dinner, the band got started and some of the parents chatted and talked shopped as they sipped their cocktails and wine while a few got out on the dance floor. As the alcohol filled the parents bodies, more people ended up on the dance floor, although some of them really should have stayed off the dance floor given the way they danced.

One of the only reasons that I had agreed to work on volunteering to put the fundraiser together was that it was an excuse to spend more time with Anjali.

She was standing away from the crowd trying to escape all of the gossip and small talk when a slow song started and I walked up next to her. I lifted my glass of scotch up to my lips but I didn't take a sip instead I said, "I want to dance with you."

Facing the dance floor, she answered "No" without looking at me.

"Why?" I asked and looked over at her.

"Because afterwards I'll want more than a dance," she said as she walked away without ever looking at me.

I froze. I knew I wanted more from Anjali and maybe secretly I had suspected she wanted more, but never had she verbalized it. But, now that she had, I knew I was in trouble, because even though I had suspected Anjali was attracted to me, I didn't know for sure and that's what kept me from feeling guilty, from reaching out to her, and talking myself into thinking the attraction was one sided. It was easier not knowing for sure.

After that Anjali made sure to avoid me, I could feel it. Finally, I saw Anjali with Raj on the dance floor and I quickly found Christina and interrupted her conversation.

"I hope you lovely ladies won't mind, but I'd like to steal my wife away for a dance." I said. All of the other ladies went on about how romantic that was as I whisked Christina to the dance floor.

"What was that all about? You never like to dance." Christina asked me. I simply said, "I just felt like dancing with you tonight."

On the dance floor I made sure that Christina faced away from Anjali so I could look at her. God, I had asked my wife to dance so I could stare at the woman I would rather be with. This was dangerous. I stared at Anjali as I held Christina. Anjali caught me looking at her and we both silently watched each other raw emotions running through us as we danced with our respective spouses. Both of us wishing we were in the other's arms, but both of us knowing doing that in front of an audience was really playing with fire.


I was in my bedroom getting ready for bed when Raj walked in and sat on the edge of the bed. He pulled off his shoes and sighed heavily. "It's been such a busy week I haven't had a chance to tell you that they've asked me to run their department in London. I have to make a decision by Monday. I'm going to turn it down, because I know you would have a hard time being away from your family."

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