I look for Alex to see if he's available to grab a cup of coffee before we start our day. I pull my coat tighter to keep the cold air out. This winter seems to have started sooner than usual. I hope to find Alex soon because I need some warm liquid to defrost me. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in a place where it doesn't snow.

I still don't see Alex so I decide to leave the school building and venture home. Maybe I'll catch him at pick up.

I quickly walk to my car not able to bear the cold any longer. Faintly I hear my name being called and I turn to my right and see Alex running towards me. He's wearing his usual jeans but with boots and a short wool coat.

"Hi," I say as I walk up to him grinning like a teenage girl.

"Hi," he says back as he blows warm air onto his hands trying to keep them warm.

"I was looking for you inside but I didn't see you. I was hoping you were up for a cup of coffee."

"Sorry, it took longer at drop off; my parents are visiting and they wanted to see the school and the kids classrooms."

"Your parents are here?" I ask.

"Yes, that's why I was calling you. I wanted to introduce you to my parents. They're back there," Alex says as he points to a couple slowly walking towards us.

"I'd love to meet your parents," I say as we already start walking towards them.

"How long are they here for?" I ask.

"They're here for the week. They'd like to stay longer but the weather is just too cold this time of year."

"That's so nice they're visiting for Thanksgiving. It's nice to have family in town."

"Yeah, it's nice having them here."

We finally reach Alex' parents.

"Sat Sri Akaal, uncle. Hello auntie," I say as I extend my hands. "It's so nice to finally meet you. Alex speaks so fondly of you both."

"Mom, Dad, this is a good friend of mine, Anjali. Her kids are the same age as Jasper and Leah and the kids are also great friends."

"It's very nice to meet you too," they both say.

"I'm so glad to see that Amar finally has some Indian friends," uncle says.

Alex laughs, "I think the kids are even more excited, samosas are now a staple part of our diet and so is everything else Anjali cooks for them."

"Auntie and uncle if you don't have any plans right now, why don't you come over for chai. It's so cold outside, I'm sure a warm cup of chai will help you warm up. I'm sure this weather is a huge change from California," I offer as I look towards to Alex.

"Mom and dad, chai?"

"Sure a cup of chai would be nice," uncle says. I notice his mom is very quiet and just nods. I get the feeling she doesn't like me.

"Wonderful, I'll meet you at my place."

"Alex sweetheart, do you know how to get to Anjali's home?" his mom finally says.

"Yeah mom, I know the way," Alex says with a puzzled look on his face.

I quickly race home and hope they take a little longer to get to my place, but as soon as I take off of my coat and put my purse away the doorbell rings.

I quickly run to the door, "Welcome. Come on in," I say as everyone filters in and start to take off their coats.

"Should we take off our shoes?" Alex' mom, Helen asks.

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