Anjali – March

“Congratulations, Raj and Anjali, you have a healthy and beautiful daughter,” my doctor said as she placed my bundle of joy in my lap. 

Raj kissed me and then our daughter Jaya as I lay there exhausted and happy.

“I’m just going to go out and call everyone with the good news.  You should get some rest while you can before we get home and you’re on your own.”

“Sure,” I nod as he walks out of the hospital room.

Alex - April

I pulled into our brownstone as we were coming home from the hospital.  I walked around to open the door for Christina to help her out and then I turned to the back seat and carefully lifted the car seat which held our beautiful daughter Leah.

We walked up the stairs slowly and before we made it to the top step, Jasper held the door wide open grinning. 

“So do I have little brother to play with?” he asked innocently.

“No you have a cute little sister to play with,” Chris responded as she scooped up Jasper and kissed him.

I greeted my mom as Chris cuddled with Jasper.  We had only been in the hospital for two days, but for Jasper it seemed like an eternity.

“Can I see her?” he asked?

“Can I see her, too?” my mom asked too?

I laughed seeing my son and my mom looking so anxiously at the covered car seat.  I slowly slid the blanket covering Leah and let them peak at her.

My mom was breathless, “Finally, a girl in the family.  I’m going to spoil her rotten.”

I smiled knowing, Leah was never going to be short of attention.

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