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Anjali’s POV

I fumbled with my room key, but finally managed to get in.  I just wanted to die at this moment.  My whole life seemed shattered.  I shut the door, kept the light off, and slid my body down the back of the door and slumped over my knees and the sobbing started.  I couldn’t stop now.  In the privacy of my room I finally felt I could cry.  Deep down I was hoping that I was wrong about Alex being with another woman.  But, seeing him wrap his arms around the tall leggy blond and then get into the elevator with her killed me.  Not only was he seeing someone, he had brought her here, to the one place I wanted to go with him.  I hadn’t been gone even twenty-four hours and he was already taking advantage of his freedom.  God, it hurt.  It was like there was no respect for anything we had shared.

I was choking on my sobs.


I looked up in the dark room and saw Alex sitting in the chair next to the window.  In shock I got to my feet to walk closer and make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.  Alex stood up at the same time.

There we were standing in the hotel room which seemed so small at that moment.  We were only six feet apart but yet it seemed like we were miles away from each other.  How could it be possible that we had been through so much together and yet today there seemed to be such a great distance between us?  We had already survived so many obstacles and yet we were together.  So how is it that this moment seemed so painful? 

We met by random chance while we were both involved with someone else, and yet life timed our break ups and brought us together.  Up until know we had somehow managed to juggle the responsibilities of our jobs, our families, our friends, and our kids.  There were times when we got lost and times when when we forgot about each other, but each time we somehow managed to push through.  But, I don’t think I can overcome infidelity.

“What are you doing here? Aren’t you in the wrong room?” I asked bitterly.

“Looking for you.  Where else would I be?” Alex answered.

“Please don’t lie to me Alex.  After everything we’ve been through, you at least owe me the truth.” I spit out.

“What are you talking about Anjali?  I’ve been here all day waiting for you.”

“Waiting for me or waiting for your lover?  Did you see me and then figure you should cover your tracks.  Did fifteen years with someone ordinary make you bored? Or was I always just the Good Wife? You know the one that looks good with you at the company dinners, the perfect woman to raise your children, take care of your parents, take care of your home and give people the perfect image of the perfect family, while you spend your nights in some models arms.”

“What the hell are you talking about Anjali, the Good Wife? You’re my only wife and there is no one else.” Alex fumed.

“For god’s sake, Alex I saw you.  Is this the first time or have you been making a fool of me the whole time we’ve been married? I never thought I’d see you with a blond, but maybe I’m just that boring that even a blond caught your attention.”

“What woman are you talking about?”

“The woman in the lobby.  I saw you wrap your arms around her and kiss the blond model and then get into the elevator with her.  Isn’t that why you’re really here?”

“Shit, Anjali, I’m not having an affair with Sarah.  For god’s sake, she runs one of the start-ups I’ve invested in.”

“Wow now that’s convenient.  So when you say you’re working late, it’s not a complete lie.”

“You’re one to talk.  You’re the one meeting with Jordan.” He yelled at me as he took my phone and threw it my way, “He’s already called you half a dozen times.  Is he calling to warn you that I know about the two of you?  Maybe the older man thing wasn’t a joke after all, seems you’ve found your sugar daddy.”

I was so mad that I took my phone and threw it as hard as I could with the intention of hitting him.

“Why does the truth hurt Anjali?”

“You would never understand our relationship?”

“Really? Then explain it to me.  Take the time to make me understand why some other man knows your whereabouts better than your own husband does.”

“Make you understand? And what about me? How are you going to make me understand the start-ups you’re investing in aren’t more than professional? What business advice are you giving a woman CEO at the Ritz on a Friday night?” I fumed.


*I found this song while surfing on You Tube, months ago and I knew I wanted it for this chapter.  Please listen to it and pay attention to the lyrics.  I think it does a fabulous job capturing Alex and Anjali and the lull in their marriage.  Which, happens to even the best of couples and you have to sometimes Remind yourself what brought you together in the first place.  It just hit the nail on the head when capturing that emotion I so wanted to capture with Alex and Anjali.

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