It was the monthly PTA meeting and we were all lingering around having coffee and pastries until the President starts the meeting. I don't know why they start the meeting at 9:30 when drop off for school is at 8:30; it's not like you have enough time to go home or do anything else and be back in time. Just add that to the list of irritations I had with the school.

I saw Alex and I couldn't help but smile. At least I'd have someone decent to chat with until the meeting started.

"Good morning," Alex said as we walked over to me with a plate full of pastries and a cup of coffee.

I grabbed an apple fritter off the top of his plate. "Good morning to you too. Thanks for the apple fritter; how did you know it's my favorite?" I teased.

"Lucky guess," he smiled. "Shall we grab a seat in the back where the parents with the bad attitude sit?"

I laugh, "Is that what we're calling ourselves these days, parents with a bad attitude?"

We filter towards a part of the room where there are no moms mingling. We chat about nothing, but only for a few minutes before I see Andrea eyeing us from across the room.

"Oh no, you've been discovered," I say.

"By who?" Alex asks with curiosity.

I nod towards the red headed woman across the hall looking at Alex.

"Who is she?" Alex asks innocently.

"You really don't know her?" I ask unbelievingly.

"No, I don't know her well. She just asked if my kids would like to come over for a play date."

I smile, "Well she's lusting after you and you're her next victim."

Alex stops mid-bite into his cheese Danish, "What do you mean next victim?"

"Well last year she had an affair with the gym teacher, who unfortunately got fired. This year her eyes are set on you."

I watch Alex look back at Andrea; he takes his coffee cup to his mouth but his eyes are still on Andrea. To me it looks like he's checking out the busty red head wearing a brown wrap dress with bright red heels and perfectly manicured nails.

"But, I'm not judging you if you're interested," I say as I watch him check out Andrea.


"No really she did have an affair you can ask around."

Alex moves away his coffee cup and turns his body towards me and looks me straight in the eyes, "Bullshit you wouldn't judge me."

I'm quiet; I don't like confrontations.

"And you should judge me. I'd judge you if you had an affair."

"Be careful she's coming this way. Heard you're going over to her place for a "Play date.""

"Help me," Alex says with puppy dog eyes.

"Nope, I'm too scared."

"What kind of friend are you?"

"A scared one." I say as I get up out of my seat as I turn to see Andrea coming over. "Do you need more coffee or pastries?" I ask trying to make a run for it before Andrea reaches us.

Alex smiles back at me the sexiest smile I've ever seen on him and as I turn to walk away, his hand grabs mine and pulls me down.

I try to protest but by then Andrea has reached us.

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